Infographic: How To Choose The Right Career

Picking  a career or college major is a huge decision. While you can always change your mind or go in a different direction at some point, it’s always best to hone in on what you’re good at from the beginning. There are many important factors to consider when choosing a career such as inherent talent, job location, life balance, skills required, and day-to-day satisfaction.

When picking a career you may want to consider first trying an internship in your chosen field or perhaps shadowing a mentor for a week. This can help give you an idea of what your job would be like should you choose that field. Another great way to figure out what career you should choose is to consider what you were naturally good at as a child. We often gravitate toward what we’re inherently good at when we’re kids, so you may recall being exceptional at a particular skill. Hone in on that talent and figure out a way to make a living using it.

A few other questions you will want to ask yourself are:

Who would I like to work with?

Where would I like to work?

Is there more than one path to get there?

What am I already good at?

Do I need any additional education to pursue my chosen career?

Last, but not least, remember that you are never too old (or young) to change careers or pursue a different life path. People switch careers at all ages, so don’t spend your life pursuing a field you don’t like. Work accounts for a large portion of how we spend our days, and if you don’t enjoy your career, life can become quite stressful.

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