Infographic: 40 Little Ways To Break Creative Blocks

Getting a creative block is no fun -especially when you have work to do and deadlines to meet. There’s nothing worse than getting in a funk when you have a big project due and time is running out. So what are you to do when the pressure is on and your creative spirit is nowhere to be found?

Turns out it doesn’t take any fancy tricks to get your mind flowing again.  Small changes and movements can actually have a big impact on your ability to reset and refocus. From going for a walk and finding some alone time to doodling in a notebook, here are 40 little things you can do to break creative blocks.

creative block infographic
Creative Block infographic courtesy of Creative Market.



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Mandy Ellis

Mandy Ellis is a certified nutritionist, journalist, traveler, and endless adventurer. Her work has appeared on Yahoo, AOL, Fox, and many others. When she’s not wanderlusting, she’s usually spending time with her French bull dog or hitting the yoga mat.

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