Infographic: How To Beat Procrastination

Next to getting too comfortable, procrastination is the biggest dream killer. Most of us do it at some point and you definitely shouldn’t beat yourself up over it. As the saying goes, “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall; what matters is how many times you get up.”

Procrastination can sneak up in many ways. Even on days when we feel we’ve been productive, we can still be putting things off. Often these are the things that make us feel uncomfortable. The most ironic part is that success is heavily based on your ability to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. The things that make you uncomfortable are the very things you should be focusing on. Whether it’s getting on the phone and making sales calls, addressing an issue in your relationship or having a conversation with your boss about getting a raise, the things that are making you the most uncomfortable are the things you should tackle first. First, because it’s extremely liberating. Once you’ve lifted that weight off your shoulders, you’ll have more focus and clarity. Second, because obviously you’re going to be so much more productive once you declutter your brain and rid yourself of those nagging procrastination monkeys.

If you’re struggling with taking those uncomfortable steps, check out this nifty infographic on beating procrastination, courtesy of and Common Creative. We also recommend checking out our article, 5 Ways to Disrupt Procrastination & Lack of Motivation for an extra boost.

Now, you’re on your way to being a happier, more productive you!



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