How To Stay So Fresh & So Clean During Hot, Sweaty Summers

Summer is officially just a couple weeks away and that means fun in the sun, vacays, and of course sweaty, sweltering days. Along with those fun, long, sunny days comes a few undesirable traits -such as sweaty body parts. Perhaps there’s nothing worse than getting sweaty “down there.” Eep, sore, awkward subject, we know. However, it doesn’t have to be. While it’s hard to avoid sweating all together, there are a few things you can do to help minimize and improve those sweaty regions. Here’s our guide to staying so fresh and so clean during hot, sweaty summers.

Cold Showers

This is one of the easiest, no-brainer ways to keep your body temperature down during the summer. Instead of your usual hot showers, opt for a cold shower. This will help get your core body temperature down, and keep you cooler for longer once you step outside.

Wet Wipes + Quality TP

Let’s just say you shouldn’t be leaving home without wet wipes and when you are home, you need to have quality toilet paper. There’s a saying that “you can tell a lot about a person by the quality of their toilet paper.” We’re not sure if that’s true or not, but one thing that is true is rippled, textured toilet paper cleans much better than that flat, cheap stuff. Only Cottonelle® has CleanRipple Texture that is actually designed to clean more effectively, so you know you’re leaving the house as fresh as possible. And once you leave the house, make sure you have wet wipes on hand like Cottonelle® Freshcare  flushable wipes. These will be your saving grace whether you’re traveling, at a festival, dancing all day/night, or just out and about on a hot summer day. Cottonelle® Freshcare flushable wipes ensure that you stay fresh and clean down there no matter what situation you’re in. Cottonelle® CleanRipple Texture is more effective than flat competitor wipes, so you know you’re getting the best clean possible -so clean you can go “commando!”

Sweat Preventing Anti-perspirant

There’s deodorant, and then there’s next level sweat preventing anti-perspirants. Many people don’t realize it , but there are several products on the market that actually help prevent sweat before it starts. Products like Certain Dri, which is applied to your armpits at bedtime helps prevent sweating for up to 72 hours, so you avoid those wet spots on your clothes all together. We’ve tried Certain Dri  and we can attest that it will keep your armpits as dry as the Sahara desert.

Frozen Water Bottles

Always have a frozen water bottle on hand. Not only to stay hydrated, but by keeping a cold water bottle in your hand, it will help keep your body temperature down. This also applies to any cold, frozen drink. So, that frozen margarita will help you out if you’re trying to sweat less. Either way, keeping your hands and feet cold will help keep your body temperature down, therefore preventing sweating.

If you like pina coladas, drink one when you're hot.
If you like pina coladas, drink one when you’re hot.

Avoid Hot Drinks and Spicy Food

Captain Obvious reporting here, but clearly avoid hot drinks and spicy foods. Ingesting any hot beverage or spicy dish is going to increase your body temp pretty quickly, so it’s best to avoid that curry and hot coffee if you want to stay fresh and dry.

Wear Breathable, Light Fabrics

Always wear light, breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen. Avoid polyester, wool, leather, or any other heavy suffocating fabric. This also applies to your underwear. We know you love those fancy, silky underwear, but cotton is best! For extra sweaty nether region prevention, try moisture wicking underwear.

Sweat Absorbing Powders

Another great product to add to your summer repertoire is a non-talc sweat absorbing powder that you can apply to your entire body. Powders are extremely helpful in preventing and absorbing sweat. There are many products on the market including Summer’s Eve, which utilizes corn starch powder to naturally prevent odor and moisture, so you stay fresher, longer. Powders are also great to keep on hand to freshen up during the day.


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