How to Start Building Your Fall Wardrobe Before Labor Day

Any fashion-forward female knows that fall is the absolute best fashion season of the year! Not only do we get big, fat September issues of Vogue rolling onto magazine stands and fashion shows taking center stage, but we get to combine the comforts of bundling for the cold with the easy-breezy vibe of summer fashion.

So, why wait for the first leaves to fall from the trees to start building your fall wardrobe when you can do it right now? Here are a few tips for upgrading your closet and showing off your autumn style. After all, the cool weather will be here before you know it!


Start Gutting Your Closet

How the heck are you going to fit your gorgeous new fall styles into your closet if it is full of pieces you never wear? The easiest way to start organizing your wardrobe is to take out all the things in your closet that you never wear and either donate them or put them in storage. Then, decide what you know you won’t wear over the next few weeks and store those items away. What you should be left with is more space in your closet and a moderate amount of clothing that you will get plenty of use out of in the remaining weeks of summer. (Sidenote: if you’re interested in creating a capsule wardrobe, check out our article on minimizing your closet to just 30 versatile pieces!)

Experiment with New Colors

Why not start wearing your fall wardrobe right now? It’s a great way to test drive certain looks and colors to see if they will really work for you, or if you need to make any returns to the store. Try rocking some mustard yellow, maroon, hunter green, and navy blues with your summer neon and pastels. This will jump-start your outfit building creativity and help you determine what colors and trends will flatter you in the fall.

Swap Out Your Sandals For Ankle Boots

Start transitioning your dresses, shorts, and skinny jeans into autumn mode without going full-fledged fall by adding ankle boots to your look instead of sandals. It’s a great way to break in your new shoes and feel like you are embracing a new wardrobe without looking out-of-season.

Start Layering, Despite The Heat

This may seem like a one-way ticket to sweat city, but hear us out. You can still layer when the weather is warm, it’s just about using the right pieces. By adding a light scarf  to a maxi dress or a casual cardigan to shorts and a tee on a cool summer night, you are adding new visual elements to your look that are fall-ready.

Thrifting and End-of-Summer Sales

Who doesn’t love getting great deals on new threads? Thrift shops and sales are a great way to add to your wardrobe without spending a small fortune. Sure, end-of-summer sales are usually a way for stores to get rid of their warm weather clothes, but if you pay attention to what is on the racks, it could be a great way to refresh your basic pieces. Simple things that transcend all seasons, like leggings, plain white t-shirts, and denim can often be found on sale at a steep discount. Sample sales are another great way to get sweet deals on ready-to-wear and one-of-a-kind basic pieces like blazers, tops, cardigans, and knits.




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