How To Recycle Cosmetic Packaging

Sustainability is at the forefront of beauty and we’re here for it! As more brands get on-board with becoming more eco-friendly, understanding how to recycle and upcycle your cosmetic packaging is a must. Companies like Sephora, Walmart, Terracycle an Aveda are offering mail-in and in-store recycling programs, making it easier than ever to ensure your packaging is properly disposed of and recycled.

Given only 30% of plastic is actually recycled at your local city municipality, dropping your beauty packaging off at participating retailers or Terracycle is the best option because they accept materials your local city recycling does not. However, if you’re unable to do so, the next best thing is understanding how to recycle your packaging and knowing what can and can not be recycled by your municipality.

Check out the infographic below (and save to Pinterest!) to learn how to properly recycle your beauty packaging.



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