How To Prepare For Your First Bikini Wax

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Getting your first bikini wax can be a nerve-racking experience. You may be thinking, “Will it hurt as much as people say?” or,  “What if my skin erupts in a breakout?!” It’s normal to feel uncomfortable the first time you go in for a bikini wax, but we’re here to tell you (from experience) that with the right technique and aesthetician, you’ll walk out of your appointment silky smooth and feeling amazing. Here are our tips for preparing for your first bikini wax.

Choose A Reputable Salon

This is the #1 one most important factor to having a good experience when getting a waxing! Do not skimp out on choosing a reputable salon. Make sure you only go to an experienced technician. Thanks to Waxing The City, my first bikini wax experience was a breeze! This salon knows their stuff and I felt comfortable from start to finish. Waxing The City has over 100 locations across the U.S. and they’ve done over 1 million Brazilian waxes, so suffice it to say -they know their stuff! They are  experienced professionals with immaculate, spotless salons and friendly service. This was my very first bikini wax, so naturally I was a little nervous. Thankfully, I felt immediately at ease upon arrival at Waxing The City in Montclair, NJ. My aesthetician, Michelle, was a total pro and she completed my bikini wax in less than 20 minutes with very little pain or irritation.

Bottom line, when it comes to waxing, do not skimp on choosing a salon. This is not the time to “bargain” hunt or find the cheapest option. It’s simply not worth taking the risk of getting a painful, sub-par wax job. Trust us -go to an experienced, proven salon.


Make Sure Your Hair is Adequate Length

It order to get the closest, most effective wax, your hair must be at least 3/4 of an inch long (about the length of a grain of rice). If you haven’t grown your hair to at least 3/4 of an inch, wait to schedule your appointment.

Talk Through It & Breathe

It’s normal to be nervous during a waxing, but breathing and chatting will take the edge off. A good technician knows to chat with you through the process. Not only does this help put you at ease, but it takes your mind off any potential pain during the waxing.

It’s Not Nearly As Painful as You Think

As we said before, if you go to a quality technician, the pain will be minimal. Some pain is to be expected, but the good news is, the more you wax, the less pain you feel over time. Once you begin waxing, you hair grows in thinner each time, so removing it becomes easier and less painful the more you wax. If you want to take the edge off further before waxing, try a glass of wine or acetaminophen (Tylenol). However, steer clear of Advil or aspirin, as these medications tend to thin out blood and can cause bleeding.

Hygiene & Precautions

Before arriving to your appointment you’ll want to practice good hygiene and take some precautions. Here are some do’s and don’ts for waxing:

  • Do make sure you are showered and clean before your waxing. Carry wipes to help freshen up if you’re unable to shower.
  • Do tip your technician generously. This is no average spa service!
  • Do wear something open and comfortable such as a maxi skirt to expedite your service.
  • Don’t wax if you have a sunburn.
  • Don’t apply lotions or body oils to the area beforehand, as this can cause the wax to not stick properly.
  • Don’t wax if you have any sort of breakout, rash, cuts or infections.


Following your treatment, you’ll want to exfoliate and apply anti-ingrown hair products to keep your skin smooth and breakout free. Avoid harsh products that might irritate the skin. Instead, use a gentle cleanser to keep the area clean and dry and apply a post-treatment product, such as Waxing The City’s Post-Wax Serum. This serum is made with all-natural ingredients, green tea, and eucalyptus to help soothe and heal the skin.

Exfoliating gloves are also helpful for keeping skin smooth and free of ingrown hairs. Lastly, enjoy up to 3 weeks of silky smooth skin! Not having to shave or worry about hair growing back quickly and peeking out of our swimsuit every couple days is time-saving and liberating.

Ready to get silky smooth skin?

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