How To Organize Your Cosmetics Like A Pro

Take it from this beauty obsessed junkie -getting your products organized can be more difficult than planning out a week’s worth of outfits. However, despite all the boxes and overflowing bottles of nail polish you have lying around, there is hope when it comes to organizing your beauty loot. Not sure where to start? Here’s how to organize your products like a pro!

 Get A Plan

When it comes down to pretty much anything, being organized can really save you time, and spare you from unwanted stress. To start arranging your beauty loot, create a game plan on where and how you to group your products. Got some empty shoe boxes lying around? Try putting those excess nail polishes or skincare goodies inside and label them accordingly. Also, maximize that drawer space!  Store your towels and larger items elsewhere and reserve bathroom drawer space for your cosmetics -they become disorderly and need that drawer space more than your washcloths or blowdryer. To start the organization process, pull out all your products and start dividing them into piles according to the type of product, i.e: makeup in one pile, hair products in another pile etc. Once you have everything divided up, you can actually start getting your products in order.

No matter how you decide to tidy up the clutter, dividing your products and creating a road map (lists, diagrams or maps work!) really makes the job a heck of a lot easier.

Grab Your Gear

Drawer dividers help keep your cosmetics perfectly organized!
Drawer dividers help keep your cosmetics perfectly organized!

To give yourself more space, grabbing some handy organizational tools can make a huge difference when spring cleaning your beauty arsenal. Anything from handy crates to vanities can get your makeup needs in great shape, and there’s no need to spend a fortune on these space-saving tools.

Visit your local dollar store and load up on some plastic boxes, drawer dividers or invest in some makeup crates or cases. We love the Caboodles on the Go Girl Cosmetic Organizer. Its multiple compartments allow you store mascaras and lipglosses pronto. Plus, it’s so lightweight, you can pretty much take it anywhere.

Feel like you’re hoarding makeup brushes? Pick up some inexpensive mason jars at your local craft store to manage the mess. Or if you’re constantly tripping on the clunky dryers and curling irons lying around your bedroom floor, pick up some baskets for easy storage.

 Trust us, no matter how you do it, there’s infinite amounts of ways (thank you internet!) to get the job done!

 Organize & Thin Out

 When doing the big cleaning job, it’s best to organize and keep your products together for easy to grab functionality. Keeping your brushes, skincare and fragrance needs together in separate places will make it easier to grab these essentials when you’re pressed on time; and easier to thin out when the expiration date comes.

 To handle your product inventory, make sure you constantly thin out and toss expired products every so often. (Here’s a guide on when to throw out makeup.) That way, you won’t have unnecessary product lying (and icky skin irritations!) around. If there are products that are new, and have not been used, feel free to donate these goods to local shelters or organizations who give back to people in need.

Get Creative


When it comes to organizing beauty products, thinking outside the box (pun intended) is your best friend! Thanks to the internet, getting crafty with your cosmetics has never been easier. One search for “organize makeup” on Pinterest will hail you tons of results for getting your products perfectly in order. From makeup magnet boards to hacking mason jars and shoe organizers, Pinterest will get your creativity flowing!

Pictured above: makeup magnet board via Pinterest



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  1. Great post, because who doesn’t dream of organized
    makeup!!?? A big challenge with keeping makeup organized is when it “migrates”
    from the beautiful magnetic board or the awesome Kaboodles to a
    purse to a makeup bag. We’ve all been there, I know my mascara is in here
    somewhere! Where’s my eyeliner? I can’t find my… only to make an emergency stop
    to pick up another item because it’s not with us when we need it.

    Google Beauty Butler and see for yourself another simple
    great solution for makeup organizing woes at home and on the go. When your
    makeup is clean and organized, it’s more fun to use… I Promise –Mr. BB

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