6 Tips For Getting Motivated To Workout

Let’s be honest here, the gym is kind of a nemesis for many people. Envisioning ourselves on the treadmill again like some sort of urban hamster makes us really want to watch just one more episode on Netflix. In other words: getting motivated to workout can sometimes feel like pulling teeth. We feel your pain, So, how can you get more motivated to get that much-needed exercise? Here’s how:

Fun + Variety

Day after day of the same boring workout will absolutely kill your motivation. Make sure you mix it up to avoid classic gym “burn out.” Try new classes, workout with  a friend, go hiking, run outside, whatever you do -make it as enjoyable as possible! Once you actually like your workouts, you’ll be more inclined to continue doing them.

Don’t “Workout”

Instead of exercising for the sake of exercising, pick up an active hobby. Take dance lessons, join a local sports league, take the stairs, walk EVERYWHERE. Instead of training your mind that you’re “working out” include being active in your regular non-gym routine.

Use The Jerry Seinfeld Technique

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently revealed his technique for maximum productivity. He gets a big white calendar and each day he puts a big red X on the calendar to confirm he has completed his tasks for the day. His idea was that he made it about not breaking the chain, so everyday he completed his tasks in order to keep the chain going. Ultimately, his goals became more attainable by simplifying his mindset focusing on the chain rather than the task. Seems to have worked quite well for him!

Utilize Short Workouts

The thought of a tortuous p90x workout for an hour is enough to make anyone want to hide under the bed. Instead of associating working out with painful, long workouts, utilize short effective workouts like our 30 Minute No Excuses Power Workout. You can also allocate each day to a different 10-30 minute workout. Exercising doesn’t have to be about spending hours in the gym!

Look At Photos Of Yourself At Your Best

Utilize your tan vacation photos or super fit wedding photos to inspire you. Nothing is more motivating than seeing yourself looking your very best and wanting to maintain that or get back to that healthy condition!

Think Of How Amazing You’ll Feel After

Working out is one of those things that you can sometimes drag your feet to do, but afterward you’re so glad you did it! Once you find a great workout routine that you enjoy, you’ll begin to associate workouts with feeling great. Reenforce those feel-good thoughts to get you motivated.

What other tips do you have for getting motivated to workout? Feel free to comment below or  continue the conversation with us on Facebook and Twitter!



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