Teyana Taylor Got Us Like: How To Get in The Best Shape of Your Life

If you, like many of us, have seen the latest Kanye West video Fade featuring the goddess that is Teyana Taylor, you may be looking to “up” your fitness game. Apparently Teyana is inspiring people all over the world to workout and get healthy -and that is never a bad thing!

Whether you just want to increase your burn or you’ve fallen off the wagon, here are a few tips for getting in the strongest, best shape of your life!

Pick a Routine You Enjoy

This is probably the most important factor to getting in shape and sticking to a workout regimen. Whatever you do, pick a routine you actually enjoy! If you associate your workouts with boredom and drudgery, you will not stick to it. Try a few different classes such as barre, boxing, dance, yoga, pilates etc. and see which ones you enjoy. Also, keep variety in your workouts. The more interesting and fun your workouts are, the more motivated you’ll be. If you’re someone who needs extra guidance, hire a personal trainer to keep you on track and focused.

It’s also wise to workout outside of your home. While workout videos may work temporarily, taking classes and exercising with others is more enjoyable and motivating.

Stop Making Excuses

Start today -now! Not tomorrow, not next week, not in a month -get started immediately. The longer you wait and the more excuses you make, the longer it will take to get going. Humans tend to make a lot of excuses for everything that may be uncomfortable. This avoidant nature we have keeps us in a constant cycle of procrastination. In fact, beating procrastination is a key factor to accomplishing just about anything. So, just say “no” to excuses and get started now.

Track Your Progress

Whether you use a fitness tracker, such as FitBit, or a smartphone app, keeping track of your progress will help keep you excited and motivated about your fitness. It’s always great to see how much stronger your body has become and to feel accomplished.

Forget About Weight and Dress Size

Remember it’s not about how many pounds you lose or what dress size you are, it’s about health and wellness. So, forget about the scale and the number on your dress tag and focus on how amazing and healthy you feel. Health comes in many shapes and sizes, so realize it’s about being the best version of you, not emulating some airbrushed lingerie model!

Eat Healthy without Deprivation

Fad diets are not sustainable or enjoyable for the most part. While eating healthy is important to your fitness and wellness, do not deprive yourself. While you should certainly cut out garbage foods like soda and candy on a regular basis, if you want to have that cupcake occasionally, go for it. It’s about moderation, not deprivation. So, enjoy those “guilty” foods in moderation while keeping your day to day meals healthy.

Share Your Progress

Having support is always helpful when you’re on a fitness journey. I especially love Instagram for following inspiring fitness focused accounts. It’s motivating to see other people working their butts off and seeing amazing results. It also helps you stay accountable. If you join a fitness group or put it out there that you’re training, it will be obvious if you fall off the wagon. Share your fitness journey with other people -you may even inspire them to get in the best shape of their lives as well!

Be Patient

Getting in the best shape of your life doesn’t happen over night, so be patient. It may take weeks to start seeing results, but if you stick to it, the rewards far outweigh the discomfort. Just keep showing up day in and day out and see your body become healthier and stronger.



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