How To Do A Deep Cleansing, Spa-Quality Facial at Home

If you want your clearest, most vibrant skin, facials are pretty much a requirement. Unless you have some kind of super human, self-extracting, self-cleansing skin, it’s likely you have a natural build-up of dirt, oil, makeup and debris in your pores.

While acne and congested skin are common and normal, it doesn’t mean you have to live with those pesky blackheads, blemishes, and clogged pores. Often to get a deep cleanse you need to go to a facialist at a salon and drop $100+ for professional treatments. Well, we’re here to tell that with the right products and some basic skills, you can get a salon quality facial at home.

The reason this five step process is so effective is that each step cleanses deeper and deeper into the pores, removing more debris along the way. What many don’t know is that pores often don’t unclog all at once. Often when you remove a blackhead or clog, you are only getting the surface of the congestion. This regimen removes each layer of the clog, giving you a deeper clean, truly clearing the pore from top to bottom. So, save your money and try this regimen next time you want glowing skin!

What You’ll Need

Step 1: The Deep Oil Cleanse

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, $21

Cleanse your face with warm water to soften the debris in your pores and prepare it for the oil cleanse. Get in the shower and allow steam to build up, being careful to keep your face and hands dry. Apply the cleansing oil and start to massage it into your pores using a circular motion. This is where the magic starts! As you massage you may start to feel little “grits” or rough pieces; these are the blackheads, dead skin cells, and debris being dislodged from your skin. This means your skin is purging all the bad stuff! If you don’t feel “grits” it may just mean your skin is not very clogged -lucky you! Continue to massage your face for 10-15 minutes until it feels smooth and the grits have purged. Rinse and dry off.

Step 2: Apply Exfoliator

Now that you’ve removed the deep clogs from your pores with the oil cleanse, you’re going to apply an exfoliator to further refine your complexion. You can use a BHA or AHA mask (such as our Brighten and Glow Enzyme mask) or a bit of citrus juice from lemon or lime mixed with yogurt or moisturizer or mask you already have. Apply the exfoliating treatment for 10 minutes, then rinse and dry your face.

Step 3: Extractions

By this point, your skin should feel much softer and a lot of the congestion and debris should be gone, and thanks to the oil cleanse and exfoliator, any blackheads or clogged pores remaining will be softened and easier to remove. Using an extractor tool and a magnifying mirror, gently press and extract any remaining congestion from your skin. Alternately, you can use an electric extraction suction tool that is a bit more gentle and powerful. No matter which tool you use, the key is to be gentle, and we don’t recommend attempting to extract cystic acne or large inflamed pustules; that should be left to the pros!


Step 4: Apply Deep Cleansing Mask/Anti-Redness Mask or aloe

Now, it’s time to apply the final deep cleansing mask and remove any remaining debris that is deep in the pores. We recommend something that is bentonite based with charcoal and anti-acne ingredients (such as our Power Pore Charcoal Mask). After extractions, your skin may be red and slightly swollen. This is normal, so we recommend mixing in a bit of aloe or an Anti-Redness product with your mask (like our post-extraction Anti-Redness Calming Mask) to reduce inflammation and help heal the skin. Apply the deep cleansing mask and allow to dry for 10 minutes. A good deep cleansing bentonite mask should dry very hard! This is good and means it’s drawing a lot of impurities from your pores.

Step 5: Rinse, Tone, Moisturize and Enjoy Your Baby Soft Skin

After 10 minutes or until the mask has completely dried, rinse, dry your face, and use a toner or micellar water to wipe away any leftover mask. Finish with a spritz or rosewater or your favorite moisturizer. We recommend avoiding makeup for 12 hours, if possible, after this facial to allow pores to normalize and skin to heal after extractions.

Now, enjoy your baby soft skin!





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