How To Counter The Effects Of Your Period

No, you’re not seeing things and it’s not your imagination; your body changes during your period, both internally and externally. It’s not just your hormones, it’s your skin, too. With hormone fluctuations throughout the month, your complexion and appearance does indeed change even before you get your period. From breakouts to oiliness, bloating, puffiness or drier skin, your period can wreak havoc on your body and complexion. Not to mention you may probably be feeling more tired than usual and that alone can make you feel worse. Here’s how to counter the affects your monthly cycle has on your skin and body.

Drink More Water

Age old advice that never fails to work. You already know you should be drinking plenty of water everyday, but during your period it’s especially important. Many of us retain water during our periods and in order to counter that, you’ll want to drink more water. Yes, it sounds like if you’re retaining water you should drink less of it, but it’s actually the opposite. Drinking more water prevents your body from holding on to any excess, relieving bloating and facial puffiness.

Avoid Salt

Again, salt causes water retention which is what you’re trying to get rid of during your period, so avoid salty foods to prevent bloating and puffiness.

Avoid Alcohol

While happy hour might sound like  a great way to dull your cramps and get rid of your grumpy mood, trust us, it will cause the opposite. Especially the next morning. Alcohol is a depressant, so it will only make you feel worse if you’re already prone to low mood during your period. It also causes you to retain water, dries out your skin and a whole other host of issues that you already know about. Save your girls happy hour for next week when your body is back to normal.

Reduce Caffeine

While we know you may need that mid-day boost, caffeine can make you feel more on-edge than normal during your period. So, if you’re already prone to irritability and moodiness, go easy on the caffeine. Perhaps stick to one cup of coffee in the morning or switch to green tea during the week of your period.

Get a Facial

The week of your period is the perfect time to go to the spa and get a deep cleansing facial. Not only will it help clear up any hormonal breakouts, but it will help soothe and relax you. Even if you don’t go to a spa, run a warm bubble bath,  slather on a deep cleansing mask like Glamglow Supermud Clearing treatment, and relax. You’ll boost your complexion while getting some much needed R&R.

Easy Workouts

When you’re not 100%, it’s probably best to avoid highly technical, difficult workouts, as it could cause injury. Instead, during your period opt for more simple workouts that will not put too much strain on your already strained body.


During your period, your body needs extra TLC. Because you’re losing blood, it may be a good idea to eat foods with more iron or take an iron supplement. B vitamins are also a great boost during your cycle and you may find benefits from adding a multi-vitamin or extra probiotics to your regimen. While everyone’s body reacts differently and you should consult your physician before starting any regimen, supplements can make a difference, so it’s something worth exploring.




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