The Best Products For Getting Thicker, Longer Eyelashes & Eyebrows

We all want mile long lashes. And it’s no mystery that thick, lush brows are all the rage these days. (Think Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor!) It seems every season, brows just get thicker and bolder. Thick brows and eyelashes are also associated with youth and health, so it’s no wonder we all want to get our hands on the best thickening products. Some of us are blessed with already thick lashes and brows and some of us want to grow go thicker. We recently covered eyebrow shaping so this week we want to elaborate on growing and thickening both eyebrows and eyelashes from the inside out.

Internal Health & Nutrition

Hair growth is largely affected by our health, hormones, and nutrition. For maximum lash and brow growth it’s important that you’re eating a balanced diet with plenty of green vegetables and protein. Adding  supplements with biotin, vitamin A and fish oils will also help maximize hair growth. One hair growth product that many swear by is Viviscal. It’s formulated with Biotin, Zinc, and their trademarked ingredient AmnoMar, which promises to increase hair growth from within. Of course, supplements work differently on each individual so the important point here is that you’re eating a nutritious diet and supplementing when necessary.

External Growth Products

A topical growth product like GrandeLash MD or GrandeBrow are both great options for lash and brow growth. Again, you must be consistent. Use every morning and night. We’ve personally used these growth products and can say, when used consistently, these products do work. The key is sticking to the regimen and being patient. It will usually take 4 to 8 weeks to see a difference, but it’s well worth it!


Latisse works well for many people, but it takes dedication. Results take up to 8 weeks, but we saw a difference within a couple weeks. Latisse increases both length and thickness of brows and eyelashes. However, once you stop using it your follicles will return to their original state, so it’s important to stay consistent.


Women’s 5% Rogaine Foam, $39.95

(Eyebrows ONLY, do not attempt this one on eyelashes ever!) Yes, Women’s 5% Rogaine foam also works on brows. However, use with caution and apply sparingly with a q-tip to avoid getting in your eyes. This is a slower, cheaper alternative to Latisse and will take about 6 months to see a difference.

Castor Oil

Organic Castor Oil, $15
Organic Castor Oil, $15

If you’re not familiar with Castor Oil, it’s a major beauty multi-tasker. Not only can it be used to unclog pores, it also doubles as an excellent eyebrow and lash growth product. In fact, if you look at the ingredients of many over the counter lash growth products, they often contain castor oil. How it works: Hair growth is often stunted by a clogged follicle. Castor oil breaks down the clog in the pore to help hair grow faster. It also helps nourish and moisturize for healthier hair.


Makeup Products

Last, you’ll need proper makeup products for thickening brows and lashes. Depending on the current condition of your brows and how thick you want them, you may need one or more of the following: pencil, powder, marker, gel or fiber.  As for lashes, there is an endless selection of mascaras to choose from depending on your needs.


Waterproof Mascara

If you have super straight lashes, always use an eyelash curler and waterproof mascara. Waterproof is the best for straight lashes because it will hold the curl all day. Product recommendation: Covergirl waterproof Lash Blast mascara, $7

Fiber Extension Mascara

If your lashes are sparse, try fiber “extension” mascara. These products consist of two steps: an extending fiber and a thickening mascara. These products can be a little trial and error, but once you get the hang of it, they’re pretty effective. Product recommendation: Too Faced Better Than False lashes, $37 extension set.

Fortified Mascara

There are several mascaras on the market that are formulated with growth serums, so they help thicken and grow lashes in one step. Product recommendation: Grande Mascara by GrandeLash, $16



Best for filling in areas that are missing hair and need to be filled more densely. Opt for a pencil with wax as they are longer lasting. Choose a shade lighter than your natural hair color for best results. Always set with a translucent powder and blend out any harsh edges. Product Recommendation: Anastasia Brow Wiz Eyebrow Pencil, $21


Best for blending and shaping outer edges. Look for a palette that has multiple shades. A darker shade for filling in darker areas and a lighter color for blending outer edges and lighter areas. Product Recommendation: Too Faced Bulletproof Eyebrows, $22


Best for already dense brows that need control and setting. If you’re blessed with full brows, use a gel to keep them in place. Product Recommendation: Anastasia Eyebrow Gel, $21


Fiber thickening products such as Talika Brow Extender are best for maximum thickness. If you want to literally extend the length and bulk up your brows, try a fiber extender. These products take a few practice runs to get perfect, but the results are excellent once you get it right. Product Recommendation: Talika Brow Extender, $37

That’s it! Let us know how these products work for you. As always, feel free to comment below!


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    Thanks for finally talking about >The Best Products
    For Thicker, Longer Eyelashes & Eyebrows <Loved it!

  2. Thanks, I was using some of these products in my younger years, particularly a pure Indian castor oil, quite expensive but it helped my eyelashes and hair grow a lot. Now I am just tired of oils and I go for Cherish Lash serum, it’s so convenient to use and it makes my eyelashes longer and thicker too. Good luck to everyone in getting more beautiful :))

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