Hot Weather Activities To Try This Summer

The end of the summer gets hot. Not just the “I need a new air conditioner” kind of hot, the “my makeup is melting before I’ve put it on” kind of hot. You want to keep enjoying your summer before we reach peak pumpkin spice season, but you also want to celebrate all of the best parts of summer, including the heat.  We’ve come up with some additional items to add to your summer bucket list, and don’t worry – there’s plenty of time for you to do them all!

Go on a walking tour. Find a local spot you’ve wanted to learn more about and spend an hour with a walking tour guide.  The breeze while you’re walking will feel great, and being outside will help perfect that summer tan.

Visit the library. Aside from being a free way for you to find a new favorite beach read, you’ll be able to take advantage of the building’s free air conditioning.  Score!

Take a day trip. It doesn’t have to be out of state or planned out in advance. Wine tasting, apple picking, and hiking a local mountain are just a few ideas of things you can do in a day. Find a place you’ve always wanted to go to and spend the afternoon exploring. Don’t feel like you have to base this experience on distance traveled or heavy planning. Improvise!

Make popsicles. What better way to survive a scorcher than with guilt-free, fruit-based popsicles you made yourself? Mix fruit juice, fruit slices and water into small containers. Place a stick in the mixture before you put it in the freezer, and voila – healthy, homemade desserts!

Get on a boat. If swimming isn’t for you (or even if it is, and you just want to try something different), take advantage of the cool breeze from sailing across the water. Many parks offer free canoe rentals, though you can pay a little more to have dinner and drinks on a boat as well. You’ll never look at your local lake the same way again.

Visit a drive-in theater. They’re not as popular as they used to be, but going to watch a double-feature at a drive-in movie theater is one of the best summer experiences money can’t buy. Grab your squad and bring lawn games and movie snacks; you’ll hang out before the movie starts, then curl up with blankets as you watch movies under the stars.

Go thrill-seeking. Summer is the perfect time to try something new, like parasailing, surfing, sky diving, white water rafting, water skiing, etc.  Pick something you’ve always wanted to do and make a day of it! You may discover a new sport/hobby you love. 

See a show for free. Local companies take advantage of the warm weather by moving their productions outdoors – and by making them free! Go see Shakespeare in the Park or a free summer concert, even if it’s by a group you’ve never heard of. They could become a new favorite!




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Alexandra Wilson

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