Holiday Must-Have: Silk’n ReVit Home Microderm Device is the Real Deal

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Winter has arrived and while we’re excited for the holidays, delicious feasts, and quality time with our friends and family, we’re never excited about the havoc it wreaks on our skin! You know those cold days where you peel off your clothing and realize your skin has flaked all over the place, even after you’ve moisturized? Our skin needs extra attention during the cold months, so that means plenty of hydration as well as exfoliation. When it comes to glowing, silky smooth skin with no downtime, few treatments come close to a spa microdermabrasion. The biggest problem is the expense! If you’re like us and you enjoy the benefits of microdermasion, but don’t like paying $100+ per treatment at a spa, we have finally found a solution. We’ve been searching for an affordable way to get a real home microdermabrasion at home for quite some time and were left with the option of buying another manual cream or buying a pro device that costs $500+. Luckily, those days are gone because we’ve discovered the Silk’n ReVit home microderm tool and it has pretty much become our favorite beauty device!

Silk'n ReVit, $129
Silk’n ReVit, $129

Really, ReVit gets you professional results of a spa microdermabrasion without leaving the house. This isn’t another “microderm cream” -this is a real, legit microdermabrasion tool. You can now DIY your way to amazing skin in your own bathroom. Unlike creams or devices that use aluminum oxide crystals that can irritate your eyes and make your skin look dirty, ReVit uses a diamond head and vacuum suction that gently exfoliates away dark spots, acne scars, and fine lines while whisking away debris. Simply plug it in and use it. No fuss,  no pain, no creams, no mess, no cleanup -just glowing, refined skin! ReVit comes with three different attachments precision, fine and coarse. Each attachment is designed to treat specific areas of your face, neck, and hands, so you can easily treat your skin with the proper level of exfoliation.

Sorry, can't make it out tonight. I'm having a girl's night in with my ReVit!
Sorry, can’t make it out tonight. I’m having a girl’s night in with my ReVit!

You’ll start to see visible results after one week of use, but we saw results after ONE use. Yes, we’re hooked. The results are identical to a spa treatment. That fresh, healthy looking, baby smooth skin you get from a microderm treatment at a spa or dermatologists office is now available at your fingertips, whenever you need it. No appointments necessary, no downtime, and best of all -no crazy expensive cost! We admit, we’re skincare fanatics. We’ve tried all the home microdermabrasion creams and devices and nothing comes close to the ReVit in replicating the results of a professional spa treatment.

So, schedule a girl’s night in and treat yourself to the Silk’n ReVit. It’s never been easier to safely DIY your way to gorgeous, glowing skin. You’ll never have to spend hundreds at a spa ever again!

Silk’n ReVit retails for $129, but if you use the code GIRLSNIGHT you’ll get 15% off storewide (excluding Flash&Go products). Offer expires November 20th, 2014. You can purchase online at:

Disclosure: The post was brought you by Silk’n. However, all opinions and reviews are our own. Style Fox is dedicated to transparency and only promoting products we truly use and love.



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