Healthy Smile, Healthy Life: How Well-Being Starts With Oral Hygiene

You stay strong. You work out, you eat healthy, and you keep your mind, body, and soul balanced. But, there’s one thing even the most healthy people tend to skimp on, and that’s oral hygiene. Skipping flossing and doing a quick brush can seem good enough and harmless, but health starts in your mouth. Yes, you must brush for at least 2 minutes, twice a day. Yes, you must floss every day. These tasks are not optional when it comes to your overall well-being.

If you think about the health benefits versus the small amount of time it takes to brush and floss, there really is no reason to skimp on this part of your life. Really, just a few minutes a day is all it takes to help keep your mouth at its healthiest. Here are a few tips for keeping your oral hygiene on-point for a healthier lifestyle.

Floss Daily

Flossing is not a once-in-a-while habit. You should be flossing at least once a day, preferably after each meal, but realistically we know most people will only make time for it in the evening. Is flossing fun? No. But it’s essential to your dental hygiene. You simply have to make time to do it.

Use An Enamel Building Toothpaste


Keeping your teeth strong and healthy is the first step to your wellness in the morning. Over time, tooth enamel can wear down, causing sensitivity and leading to more issues like cavities. Using an enamel building toothpaste like Colgate Enamel Health™ Mineral Repair™ is the first defense in keeping your teeth strong. The same way you might use conditioner or moisturizer to keep your skin and hair healthy, using Colgate Enamel Health Mineral Repair Toothpaste twice daily can help absorb essential minerals, such as natural calcium, for healthier, stronger enamel.

See A Dentist Every 6 Months

Be sure to get regular cleanings, x-rays, and check-ups with your dentist. While your teeth may look and feel healthy from the exterior, sometimes problems could be lurking below the surface that you cannot see. Only x-rays and a dentist can discover these issues, so it’s important that you get check-ups every 6 months.

Use A Quality Toothbrush

Dental hygiene products have come a long way. A flat bristled generic toothbrush may be affordable, but it’s not the best option for getting your teeth clean. Upgrade to an electric toothbrush or an advanced manual brush like Colgate® 360 Enamel Health Whitening toothbrush. It’s designed with polishing spiral bristles, whitening cups, and Colgate’s unique cheek and tongue cleaner that helps remove more bacteria than an ordinary flat bristle toothbrush. The quality of your toothbrush makes a HUGE difference in the effectiveness of your brushing.

Don’t Forget About Your Tongue

Many people tend to forget to clean their tongue. Tongues attract and hold more bacteria than any part of your mouth, so it’s important to clean and scrape it each time you brush. This will help remove bacteria and will help immediately freshen your breath.

Avoid Chewing Anything Hard

If you love crunching on ice after you’ve finished your beverage or you love hard candy, stop. Chewing hard foods or using your teeth to open packaging or gnawing on the end of a pen is all bad for your teeth and can cause chipping and weaker enamel. 

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