Happy 4th of July: 10 Essential Articles To Read Before You Celebrate

America’s biggest holiday is almost here and you’ll want to make sure you’re ready. So of course we’ve prepared a little rundown of Style Fox articles to check out before the big celebration. From suncare tips, to detox juices to quick workouts you can squeeze in, here are 10 articles to read beforehand.

Happy Birthday ‘Murica!

1. Suncare

The rays will be out in full force this weekend, so make sure you’re well prepared with our super charged suncare guide. We promise you’ll learn a few tips you’ve never heard of before!

10 Essential Sun Skincare Tips You Need to Know Now


2. Fresh Travel

Step off a plane feeling refreshed and fabulous with our beauty travel guide. Never let that icky plane feeling get you down again.

Beauty Travel: A Thorough Guide to Stepping Off a Plane & Looking Fabulous


3. Detox Juices

There will undoubtedly be a large amount of alcohol consumption this weekend, so instead of sounding like your Mom, we’ll just say take it easy, be careful, and take care of your body with these amazing detox juice recipes.

5 Delicious, Detoxifying Juice Tonic Recipes to Try Now


4. Stay Shine Free

Summertime and oily skin go hand in hand. Bust shine and oil slicks with our favorite, must-have products.

Shine Be Gone: The Best Must-Have Products For Oily Skin


5. Stay Intact

Don’t melt under the summer heat. Here are our favorite waterproof products that will outlast even the most brutal conditions.

Waterproof Wonders: The 10 Best Budge-Proof Makeup Products


6. Say Goodbye to Frizz

Heat and humidity love to make our hair completely misbehaved. Get it under control with these tips.

Tried & Tested: Essential Frizz Fighting Products That Actually WORK


7. Stay Fit

Don’t have time for the gym this holiday weekend? Squeeze in a quick no excuses 30 minute workout!

The 30 Minute No Excuses Power Workout


8. Shop Smart

If you’re doing a little shopping this weekend, there’s no need to overall your closet. Here are a few trends that will instantly update your look.

6 Essential Spring Trends That Will Instantly Update Your Wardrobe


9. Don’t Torture Your Feet

There are few things that can ruin a night more than aching, painful feet! Skip the torture and follow these tips.

From Heel No to Hello: 11 Ways to Make High Heels More Comfortable


10. Bust Cellulite

90% of women have it (even supermodels and celebrities) and we all hate it. Bottom line. Improve the look of cellulite with these tips.

Get Bikini Ready: 7 Ways to Reduce Cellulite





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