Handbag Hangups: How to Properly Organize and Store Handbags

Today we’re going to discuss the handbag organization dilemma. For those of you who live in urban areas where closet space can sometimes be tight, you know organization is key to not going crazy. Admittedly, I’ve ruined a handbag or two in my day trying to cram them into small spaces. This is a big no-no. Handbags are sensitive creatures. If they’re stored improperly they can become misshapen, wrinkled and effectively ruined.

See exhibit A: Here is a sad looking, once-lovely Cynthia Rowley handbag that I unfortunately stored in a box in a storage unit for too long. Tragic, really. I learned my lesson. Don’t let this happen to your bags!

Exhibit A: Sorry, Cynthia. :(
Exhibit A: Sorry, Cynthia. 🙁

First off, always store handbags upright in shelving if they are structured (such as leather satchels, boxy shapes, and “schoolbag” styles) and hanging if they’re unstructured (such as canvas totes, backpacks, hobos, duffels and pouches.)

Structured handbags should be stored upright in shelving to preserve their shape and prevent deformation. They should never be stacked or compacted.

Unstructured handbags should be hung to prevent compaction and distortion that happens when they’re stored on a shelf.

Left: Structured Handbag,  MG Collection PALOMA Handbag, $35.50   

Right: Unstructured Handbag, Kate Spade Saturday Backpack, $160

Luckily, because we live in such an amazing, innovative world, there are solutions to storing and preserving all your lovely handbags. There are a few types of organizers to choose from. One is to convert a classic bookshelf into a handbag storage unit. Another is to use a ‘sweater’ hanging storage unit, and the third type is to just buy a unit specifically made for storing handbags (our preference).

Hanging Handbag Organizer, $35

This combo organizer hangs easily in your closet and is best for structured handbags and clutches. It holds up to 10 bags and is perfect for small spaces.

Perfect Curve Bag Rack, $11.50

This handy bag rack is perfect for hanging and storing totes and other unstructured bags. It hangs in seconds and at under $12 it’s not only efficient but affordable.

12 Purse Over the Door Organizer, $23

If you’re especially tight for closet space, this over the door purse organizer is a great solution. With 12 covered compartments, you’ll not only keep your structured bags in perfect condition, but they’ll also stay dust free!

Luxury Living Park-a-Purse Organizer, $29

I bet you didn’t know there was a parking lot for purses? This handy unit is lightweight and low profile so it can easily fit on a closet shelf or on the floor.

Whatever handbag organizer you decide to go with, always keep these do’s and don’ts in mind:


Store structured handbags upright in shelving units to preserve shape.
Store unstructured handbags hanging to prevention distortion from compaction.
Utilize specialized handbag storage units to preserve your handbags.


Never stack structured handbags or lay them on their side.
Never store any handbag compacted in a box.



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