Gym Bag Essentials Every Woman Needs For Spring/Summer

Spring is here and if you’re like us, you’re probably stepping up your workout routine to prepare for summer. Of course, working out during the spring/summer is a whole other ball game than working out in the winter. Mainly because summer workouts are hot. Everything is much more intense during warm months, so we thought we’d put together our line-up of favorite products for staying fresh and getting through those hot, grueling summer workouts.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Carefree®.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a savior year-round, but it’s especially essential during warm months and post workout when you don’t have time to wash your hair. This is one essential that never leaves our gym bag -no matter what time of year it is. We love Drybar’s Triple Sec because it not only refreshes your hair but it adds volume and texture. Plus, it leaves no powdery residue. Dry shampoo is the perfect “day-to-night” item that will take you from the gym to your girl’s night out in a snap. Don’t leave home without it!

Carefree® Acti-Fresh® liners

No one has time for bulky pads that leak -especially during workouts! We love Carefree® Acti-Fresh® liners because they’re soft, flexible, odor neutralizing, thin, and 2x more absorbent than regular pads and liners. They’re so thin and comfortable you can’t feel the liner and you’ll forget it’s even there. They’re also tiny and discreet (smaller than the palm of your hand) so you can easily slip them into your pocket or sports bra. And they’re not just for your period, you can use them any time of the month to stay dry and comfortable. So you can hit the treadmill, Zumba class, the boxing bag or yoga mat with confidence. We snagged these up at Wal-Mart and you can use to get $2 off any 2 Carefree® products and $.50 off any 1 Carefree® product. Redeem your discount here. (expires 6/24/17) #lineup

Non-Greasy Moisturizer

During spring/summer the last thing we want to do is slather on greasy moisturizer. We love lightweight body lotions, spray-on moisturizers or gels for staying cool and non-sticky during hot months.

Electrolyte Tablets

We all know staying hydrated is essential to maximizing workouts, but it’s especially important during hot months because you’ll be sweating more and you’ll also be losing more water. We love to add tablet electrolytes to our water to rehydrate without the added sugar of sports drinks. Plus, they’re super easy to tote around in your gym bag and pop into your water.

Activity Tracker App

We love using an activity tracker app to keep a record of our workouts and help us stay motivated. Simple apps like the Health app on iPhone or Moves or Argus are free (or inexpensive) apps that will help you log your workouts, keeping you on track. Most people are more active during warm months, so you’ll be impressed at how that extra activity adds up each day. As they say, “a body in motion stays in motion.”

If you want to take your monitoring a step further, many activity apps also work in unison with activity trackers so you can do even more in-depth logging such as sleep tracking, heartrate measuring, mindfulness tracking, and meal planning. Either way, adding an activity app to your workout routine will help give you that extra motivation.

What items do you always carry in your gym bag? Feel free to add your comments and suggestions below!






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