Gurus of YouTube: The Best Self-Help Channels To Subscribe To Now

Oh, technology. How can something be so right and so wrong at the same time? Okay, we’re only kidding about it being wrong—but it’s just too addictive (We spent half our day yesterday wrapped up in cute animal compilations). But in the midst of all that distraction, we did find an upside: YouTube is the new self-help book. A short, sweet, visually appealing step-by-step guide just doesn’t get any easier. Who knew learning could be so entertaining at the same time? Whatever it is that you’re itching to brush up on is right there waiting for you—in the comfort of your own living room! From getting fit to domestic bliss, we rounded up the latest vids and YouTube channels we’re obsessed with now. Happy watching!

1. Get Your Workout On

No time, (money, or will power) to go to the gym? Turn your living room into a private training space free from judgment and excuses and spend less than 30 minutes a day with your own personal trainer! Female-friendly channels like XHIT who post new videos daily from a team of super-adorable trainers. Read: we have a major girl crush! Targeted workouts, Victoria’s Secret model training, and celeb wonder-body routines will keep your core engaged with something new everyday. Our most recent fave comes courtesy of Rebecca-Louise (an England transplant who moved to the west coast for commercial pilot training!) and her two adorable sidekicks, Alphie and Harvey. It’s the Rihanna Butt Workout and though her CFDA display might have been over the top, the girl’s got one aspirational booty.

2. Become A Domestic Goddess

From decorating DIY to home hacks to personal cooking classes, YouTube is full of nifty tutorials that can help you transform your most personal space or become one hell of a hostess. CutiePieMarzia (and yes, she is as adorable as her screen name indicates) is one of our fave domestic gurus. Her 1 million Marzipans (Marzia fans) don’t lie! The Italian-born vlogger already has an archive of “awww-inducing” videos specializing in simple sweet treats like her whimsical DIY Fairy Pops. A slight variation on this recipe—think red, white, and blue straws and sprinkles—and you’ve got the perfect 4th of July party favors.


Another one of our favorites is PureWow, a daily blog dedicated to making life more beautiful, for step-by-step video tutorials you didn’t even realize you needed! We love The Amazingly Perfect Bed, with Amy Mellen, creative director at Calvin Klein Home, for tips like finally achieving the perfect corner fold—straight from the pros. Other topics like How to Stuff a Duvet, Brewing the Perfect Iced Coffee, and How to Braid Bread will quickly convince you that you’re way more domestically savvy than you thought!



3. Never Shy Away from New Looks Again


We’ll admit it, while we looooove everything beauty-related and could literally lose ourselves in Sephora for hours, we weren’t always skilled at the tips and tricks of flawless application. But our beauty ambitions keep us wanting more and come to think of it, new products should come with instructions! Enter the Tarte Reel. One of our favorite cosmetic brands finally got a clue and has created an entire visual library of product knowledge so you will never again wonder what is Amazonian clay or what color cheek stain should I use? The first must-see on the reel is easily “How Do You Wing It?—featuring three straightforward variations on winged liquid eyeliner that will instantly give you the confidence to mix up your own lash-lining routine.



Another newly discovered favorite of ours is Heart of ThatsHeart, a west coast babe with a killer shopping addiction, a sugary-sweet disposition, and the video editing chops to back it all up. She could talk for hours (no, really) about trends, beauty products, and her favorite things but she’s also go great tips for getting ready on the go and is totally willing to share them with you. We hit the jackpot with her super quick and easy summer hairstyles tutorial that includes two-step technique for faking those covetable, face-framing braids.


4. Two Words: Style Advice

Wendy Nguyen is no novice to fashion or YouTube. Since the San Francisco-based fashionista launched her channel upwards of three years ago, she has become a worldwide style sensation. 25 Ways to Wear A Scarf is one of the videos that made Wendy’s Lookbook a household name around the globe is still one of her most impressive tutorials today. Not only is the editing mindblowingly awesome, but there is also an invaluable four and half minutes of ways to get out of your one-loop-scarf-wearing rut! The video went viral in 2011 and now, with over 20 million views, it has a permanent spot on our favorites list where it’s easily accessible for any day we need a little extra inspiration.



5. Take the Perfect Selfie

Another old pro at the YouTube How-To game is Michelle Phan. She’s been our beauty bestie since launching almost a decade ago and has covered everything from themed make up to loving your unique self. She’s really a full-service YouTube personality where any girl can go to get good advice and a boost of self-confidence. But our hands-down Phan favorite has got to be How to Take the Perfect Selfie. It’s not quite her latest upload, (check out Beach Beauty Essentials for that) but hey, we welcome a refresher course in fabulous photography any day. From lighting, to angles, to filters, follow Michelle’s expert advice for Insta-fame in no time.




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Julianne Zigos

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