Green Living Tips For Celebrating Earth Day, Everyday

Happy Earth Day! While today is dedicated to celebrating our planet, everyday is a great day to live more environmentally friendly. With a few quick, simple tips you can contribute to a healthier planet daily.  Here are a few ways to help now:

Ditch Disposable Plastic

Plastic bags, utensils, cups, and bottles are the #1 polluter of the ocean. Instead, opt for reusable shopping bags and utensils. Eliminating disposable plastic alone will make a huge difference for our planet.

Recycle, recycle, recycle

Especially less obvious items like cosmetic bottles and hard plastics. Programs like Terracycle will help you collect and recycle your cosmetic bottles and odd plastics for free.

Eat Vegetarian as Much as Possible

Dairy and cow farming is the biggest producer of methane gas that is destroying the ozone layer. By Reducing your meat consumption, you help lessen the carbon footprint caused by farming.


Find creative ways to use and repurpose items you already own. The less you throw away, the less waste that goes into the land fills and environment.

Take Public Transportation

Try using public transportation to commute to work. This is often quicker than sitting in traffic and will not only save you money on gas, but will help reduce car pollution. Besides, what better way to catch up on those emails or get some reading in?

Go Electric

There are plenty of electric, environmentally friendly car options available from Prius to Tesla. Many manufacturers also make hybrids, so consider one of these more green options for your next car purchase.

Turn off and Unplug

Turning off lights, fans, air conditioners and unplugging unused electronics is still a significant way to be more environmentally friendly. So, be sure to check that everything is off before leaving the house.

Try Composting

Composting can reduce as much as 30% of household waste, preventing it from ever reaching landfills. This is important because when organic matter ends up in a landfill, it lacks the necessary air it needs to decompose, creating harmful methane gas that contributes to climate change.


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