Getting Perfect Summer Balayage with Marie-Lou&D

Every time summer rolls around many of us are ready to go lighter and brighter for the season. Balayage has been the “go-to” summer hair trend for many seasons now because it gives you a sunkissed look that is easier to maintain than traditional highlights. My hair has been balayage (or some form of “painted-on” highlights) for several years now and I absolutely love it. I’m a pretty low maintenance person and balayage is the perfect, easy-to-maintain color for my hair.

My previous color had grown out quite a bit and my natural very dark (nearly black) hair was not feeling summery to me. Luckily, I got the chance to work with Tre Wyrosdick at Marie-Lou&D in Soho who spruced me right up with a full head of gorgeous balayage and a cut that revived and shaped my grown out layered look. First off, Tre is brilliant! He really takes the time to sit down with you, asks about your lifestyle, and what look you want to achieve. His consultations are very in-depth and go above and beyond any stylist I’ve ever worked with.

Getting your hair cut and colored can be anxiety-inducing. It can be scary to work with a new stylist because you’re not sure they understand what you want. With Tre, it was the exact opposite. He took time to talk to me and touch my hair. He examined the color and texture and really wanted to understand what I wanted and what was right for my hair type. I felt completely at ease once he started working on my hair.

marie4smTre started by brushing my hair out, sectioning it and cutting it dry with the natural wavy texture. This was a new experience for me because most stylists cut my hair wet or flat iron it before cutting it. Tre’s dry cutting technique makes it so the cut works with the natural shape and texture rather than against it. You can also see the results immediately, so you know exactly what you’re getting. This definitely puts you at ease knowing your hair is not getting chopped off.

Next, he painted on balayage color over my entire head, being careful to remove the bleach from prelightened sections quicker than others instead of just allowing the bleach to sit on all the hair for the same amount of time, possibly over-processing it.

He finished with an all over gloss toner and the result was a gorgeous, natural looking beige toned balayage that perfectly blended from the crown down to the tips. It turned out absolutely perfect. I’m thrilled with my new cut and color. Not only do I love my new look, Marie-Lou&D is one of the most relaxing, customer service oriented salons I’ve been to. Immediately upon arrival they greeted me with a smile and an offering of a glass of rosé which I gladly accepted. The salon is French-inspired, so the decor is modern with Parisian charm. Best of all, their shampoo chairs are also massage chairs! So, in addition to a shampoo head massage, you can control the settings on the chair to give you a back massage. I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep during my shampoo. It was amazing.

The finished look.

Finding a stylist in NYC can be tough, so I’m thrilled to have found Tre and Marie-Lou&D. You know you’ll leave the salon happy with your cut and color, which takes the anxiety out of trying a new stylist. AND we’re offering our readers 15% off any Marie-Lou&D service with our exclusive promo code STYLEFOXMLD. So now is the time to get that gorgeous balayage you’ve always wanted.

Visit Marie-Lou&D at for a full list of services and pricing. If you love my color, ask for Tre Wyrosdick and he will hook you up!


345 West Broadway NY, NY 10013 

Phone: (212) 390-8666




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    If you play your cards right, your balayage look for summer could last for six months with just the occasional trim necessary to stop it from looking ratty at the ends.

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