Get Glowing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Strobing


If you still can’t seem to figure out how the heck to contour your face, you are in luck. The latest beauty trend to hit the scene is called “strobing,” and it is supposed to give you that gorgeous summer glow without having to go outside and sweat. All you’ll need is your favorite beauty applicator and your most flattering highlighter, and you are just seconds away from flawless, simply dewy skin.

 What you’ll need

  • Powder or cream highlighter
  • Applicator sponge or fan brush

Before You Strobe

Make sure that your foundation and concealer are applied, and that your face looks at matte as possible. Since you are going to add some subtle shimmer and highlight to the high points of your face, any additional greasy or oily tones on the skin can turn your beautiful summer highlight into a sweaty post-gym look.

Where to Highlight

Anywhere that is naturally hit by light is a good place to start, but depending on your facial features, there are certain places you may want to skip. If you are having trouble determining where natural light hits you, take a pocket mirror and stand by a window. Unless it is a stormy day or the dark of night outside, you’ll be able to see which of your features are most enhanced when hit by the sun.

Generally, above your brow bone, in between your eyebrows, the tops of your cheekbones, and the area of skin between your eyebrow and hairline on either side of your head should be enough to make you glow. To add emphasis to your chin, add a little bit of highlight to the top of your chin. For a fuller top lip, dab some highlight onto your cupid’s bow. Don’t add too much highlight to your nose unless you want that area to be very illuminated.

Blend, Blend, Blend

Blending out your highlight will make sure that your new dewy skin looks as natural as possible. The look your are going for implies that you are being hit by a flattering light all day long and that you are glowing from the inside out. Without blending, your highlight will appear harsh and look more like you have oily skin (which is the opposite of what you want).

Keep the Rest of Your Look Simple

Keeping with the natural theme, pair your new highlight with some nude or pink lips and some demure eye makeup. The main part of your look is your skin, as opposed to a strong brow, intense eye, or pop of color on the lips. By keeping the rest of your look simple and somewhat nude, you’ll look like you spent a day at the beach before you even step outside.



photo credit: MAC cosmetics



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