Gamified Fitness Apps That Make Working Out Fun

Ever ran on a treadmill and felt like a bored hamster? There’s an app for that! Thanks to technology, you’ll never have another boring workout ever again. The new age of gamified fitness apps turn exercise into fun by offering competitions and even points to purchase gift cards at your favorite retailers. Pretty great, right? Check out our list of gamified fitness apps to download now.


Nexercise appWe know it’s possible to make money while you sleep, but what about making money while you workout? Well, kind of. Nexercise is a new app that tracks your fitness and rewards you with points towards purchasing gift cards at retailers such as Sephora, CVS, Home Depot, and more! The best part is, you can earn points from movements you would be making anyway, like walking to work. Download here.

Run an Empire

Run An Empire App
Run An Empire App

Run an Empire is a strategy AR game that gamifies walking and running by challenging users to compete against one another and claim land. It works like a hybrid of Pokemon Go and Monopoly, but for runners. Once you claim a piece of land, you can place buildings and other structures and compete against your friends for territory. Hey, it beats doing a boring, regular run! Download here.


Zombies, Run!


Zombies run App
Zombies run App

If you find it hard to stay motivated during a run, then we have the solution for you: a massive crowd of flesh-eating undead creatures that want to rip your face off. Do you feel like jogging along lazily now? Yeah, didn’t think so.

This action-packed app adds an element that is sometimes missing from other workout apps: fun and excitement. This app mixes games and stories into your run as your complete missions in a world overtaken by zombies. Whether you’re gathering supplies, saving a fellow human, or trying to out-run an unrelenting horde of hungry zombies, this app can spice up your normal jog with imagination and thrills. Download here.

Superhero Workout

Superhero Workout App
Superhero Workout App

Superhero Workout is made by the same team behind Zombies, Run! The objective of the game is to protect earth against invasion. You wear a virtual AEGIS One suit that you can activate various weapons, shields and abilities by exercising. Other features include a calorie counter and camera-activated motion tracker. Superhero workout can even be synced to your TV so you can workout in full screen mode. Download here.






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