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We love fresh faces in fashion. So when we heard Australian designer Phoenix Keating would be hosting a meet and greet + launch party for his Spring ’14 collection we had to check it out. The collection, titled “Vaudevillian,” is inspired by both past and future  -a modern/nostalgic mash-up of android meets the 1920’s. Keating references Josephine Baker as his muse and told us he was inspired by the rivets of a plane wing while flying. “I was sitting in-flight and I looked out at the wing and saw the silver, shining rivets and I knew -rivets had to be in the collection,” Keating explained.

The collection is centered around metallic silver leather, sheer organza, half bleached plaid detailed with unique pleats and rivets. We immediately noticed a completely original curved pleat on one of his skirts, “That’s unique to us. We’re the only ones who do that pleat,” Keating added.

Keating’s passion for design clearly came through in not only his pieces, but in his development of a full-fledged story behind his collection. It was the first time we’d ever had a designer tell us an entire story on the spot. Phoenix, a tall, refreshingly warm and friendly young designer, had a sparkle in his eye as he relayed the story of love and loss. A tale of an android woman who was sent back to the 1920’s and subsequently fell in love with a human but was then abruptly sent back to the future. [As described in the official press release:]  “The collection is rooted in a story told in the future and the past, where androids have developed intelligence, taking human form and adapting physically while still embodying a cool, analytic exterior made impossible by human emotion. The story surrounds one particular female android, sent back to the 1920s, gripped by confusion and emotion when she happens upon a pre-ordained Love whose discovery of her very own android nature sets into motion a cinematic, tragic turn of events leaving her human counterpart in crestfallen agony and forcing her into an Apocalyptic future, forever to endure without what could have been.”

Phoenix established his namesake brand in 2009 and was quickly noticed by none other than Lady Gaga. She wore his pieces during two performances in Syndey in 2011 and Keating has been on the rise ever since. There’s no doubt that Keating is one designer to look out for! We’re excited to see what he does in the future (pun intended!).

Prices for the collection range from $220 – $990 USD for apparel and $150 – $800 USD for accessories. To learn more about Phoenix Keating, please visit


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