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With the current pandemic and billions of people on lockdown, mental health, depression, and other mental illnesses are on the forefront of discussion.  Now more than ever, we need to start understanding mental illness instead of shaming and hiding it. Currently, 18% of Americans have a consistent mental health condition. That’s over 43 million people. 9.6 million of those people have suicide ideation; that’s a lot of people walking around at risk.

Worse, 56% of those experiencing mental health issues do not seek help or are unable to afford it. We know affordable insurance is another big issue in America, and many people with decent, full time jobs still don’t have a plan that fully covers the often costly expense of mental health care. If you or someone you know is in need of mental health care, check out these free and low cost resources. There is help out there. Pass it on.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

ADAA has a ton of resources that will help you find treatment in your area. Go here to find access to affordable therapists, low or no cost prescription drugs, and  resources on Medicaid and Clinical Trials.

Mental Health America

MHA provides an extensive list of targeted mental health resources, nationwide referral programs, and free hotlines. Go here to check out the full list.


BetterHelp is an affordable, online therapy platform that provides mental health counseling securely and discreetly. You can instantly connect with a certified counselor and get started on improving your mental health any time, anywhere.

Needy Meds

Needy Meds provides resources for assistance with medication and they also have a very useful search form that can help you locate free and low cost clinics nearby.


IAMAlive is a volunteer-run organization that provides suicide intervention, prevention, education, and awareness. They also provide live chatting if you need help immediately.

MentalHealth.Gov is an all in one resource for finding a therapist, learning about mental illnesses, participating in clinical trials, and more. Go to for more info.



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