Flatter Your Figure: A Guide to Dressing For Your Body Shape


Dressing for your body shape is essential to looking your very best! Despite the fluctuating trends every season it’s important to always pick (and spend your hard earned money on) styles that will be the most flattering and wearable. Whether you’re triangle shaped, athletic or apple-shaped, here are some essential tips on what and what not to wear depending on your unique, beautiful body type!

Pear Shape

This body shape is defined by wider thighs and hips with a narrow waist and smaller shoulders. Celebrity type: Beyonce Knowles

What to Wear:

  • A-line skirts and belts to create a more defined waist
  • Maxi dresses to elongate body and minimize hips
  • Statement necklaces and earrings to draw attention upward
  • V-necks and embellished tops to enhance torso
  • strapless styles
  • pointy toed shoes to elongate legs


  • cargo styles
  • “peplum” styles
  • cropped or “tea” length bottoms

Apple Shape

drewAn apple shape is defined by slimmer hips and legs with alarger bust and waist. Celebrity type: Drew Barrymore

What to Wear:

  • fitted tops paired with aline or circle skirts to balance and create more shape at the hips
  • shorter skirts to enhance your great legs
  • Straight leg pants with heels to elongate the body
  • v-necks, scoop neck tops
  • “peplum” styles to add shape at hips


  • shoulder pads
  • ruffled or structured shoulder shapes
  • flowy “blouson” tops

 Hour Glass

This shape is defined by a balanced bust and hips with a narrow waist. Celebrity type: Marilyn Monroe

What to Wear:

  • Fitted cuts that define your shape. Think Herve Leger bandage dress!
  • Skinny jeans
  • High waisted styles that enhance your small waist


  • “Baggy” styles that cover your great curves.

Wedge/ Inverted Triangle

This body shape is defined by a larger overall torso (shoulders, bust, waist) and slimmer hips and legs. Celebrity type: Naomi Campbell

What to Wear:

  • show off your great legs with shorter hemlines
  • patterned, fun bottoms to draw attention to your bottom half
  • tanks, solid tops, and v-necks to show off your great bust
  • play up your lower body with accessories. Try embellished belts and shoes.


  • spaghetti straps and boat necklines
  • heavily structured tops/shoulder pads


This athletic body type is defined by a straighter shape with long legs and arms. Celebrity type: Cameron Diaz

What to Wear:

  • short fitted skirts to show off legs
  • A-line dresses with cinched waists to add definition to hips
  • flowy, ruffled, ruched, and soft fabrics to add shape
  • high-waisted belts to define the waist
  • fitted tops and full skirts to help create overall balance


  • straight, fitted cuts
  • bootcut jeans
  • maxi dresses




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