Fast Fitness: Our Favorite 10 Minute Ab Workout

In a world that never stops, getting an effective, quick workout is one of our top priorities. Some days many of us simply don’t have time to go to the gym for a full hour, so these fast exercise routines are a total lifesaver. We love this Fitness Blender workout because it works every major muscle in your abs in just 10 minutes! We can ALL find 10 minutes a day to stay in shape, right?

This workout includes the following: (Be sure to adjust this routine depending on your needs and/or if you have any injuries.) Enjoy!

Bicycle Crunch Leg Drops

Plank Tucks + Downward Dog Walk

Back Bow Toe Touches

Leg Pedals, alternating directions

Upward Facing Plank + Leg Lifts

2 Oblique Crunches + Bridge (arms up to further engage the core)

Single Leg Drops

Circle Crunches, alternating

Bicycle Crunches

Mini Scissors



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