The Chic Girl’s Guide to Fashionable Flip Flops

Flip flops. Two words that often induce shudders of terror amongst the most refined fashionistas. They are the summer footwear equivalent of Uggs. Worn by many and yet despised by many. But why so much hate? Personally, we LOVE flip flops! Sure, there are some hideous versions out there and walking around the city in them can leave you with dreaded black foot, but we couldn’t imagine a summer without them. So here’s a breakdown of a few stylish  pairs that will “up” your flip flop game.

What to Look For: flat soles, embellishment, metallic detailing, modern silouhettes, mixed media, contrast, funky colorful prints, leather soles

What to Avoid: chunky rubber soles, tall wedge styles, light colored soles (they tend to look dirty)

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