Fashion Hacks For Staying Stylish AND Comfortable

Raise your hand if you’re no longer interested in sacrificing comfort for style? We feel you. It’s a rare occasion that we’re willing to stand around in pain all night in a pair of 4 inch Christian Louboutins. These days we’re all about practicality while still remaining stylish. Especially living in an urban area such as NYC where walking is the norm. Of course, there is always Uber and bringing an extra pair of flats, but for those days where you just want to be comfortable and move about without hassle, here are fashion tips for looking great without limping home at the end of the night.

Opt For Lower, Block-Heel, Open-Toed Shoes

Tony Bianco Cuoco Block Heels, $115

We’ll start with shoes because they are literally the Achilles heel of all fashion discomfort. An uncomfortable pair of shoes can ruin your whole night (which is why our How To Make High Heels More Comfortable article went viral and has since been copied repeatedly) so having bearable shoes should be your #1 priority. In our opinion, the perfect shoe that combines both comfort and style is an open toe, square heeled sandal with a heel height of 3 inches or less. This type of shoe is the sweet spot for looking fashionable without being in pain all night because it provides adequate heel and arch support without cramping your toes, making it easier to walk and stand.

Avoid Spiked Heels

They look amazing, but in addition to being uncomfortable, they fall through subway grates and sink into grass and softer terrain. So, if you’re going to an event on grass or will be walking and stand a lot, avoid spiked heels.

Wear Knee-Length Or Maxi Skirts

Longer hemlines are more comfortable for many reasons. First, you don’t have to worry about sticking to gross, sweat subway seats and cab seats in the summer, and second, you don’t have to worry about your lady parts falling out. A win-win! Plus, longer hemlines are currently more on-trend, so you can skip the super short bandage dress and opt for something longer and more comfortable.

Layer To Adjust To Temperature Fluctuations

You never know what the temperature is going to be when you go places. Sometimes the AC can be blasting at 50 degrees and other times it’s sweltering. So, to stay the most comfortable, dress in layers so you can add and remove clothing to adjust to temperature fluctuations.

Carry Smaller, Strapped Bags

That Hermes Birkin seems great until you have to carry it around like an intrusive brick all day and night. Especially at night. There’s nothing worse than trying to balance a glass of wine with a giant, unnecessary handbag. Instead, opt for a smaller crossbody bag with a strap (this will free up your hands, unlike clutches) that is both functional, lightweight and stylish.

Go For The Stretch

There’s a reason we never want to take off our yoga pants. Stretchy materials are always going to be more comfortable -especially if you just gorged yourself on a delicious dinner.  So when you’re shopping go for more stretchy materials.


Spanx, FTW

Hey, Spanx aren’t just for contouring, they’re great for when you’re wearing a bodycon ensemble and you don’t want underwear or bra lines! Honestly, who wants to be worried about uneven bulges, a falling strapless bra, and pulling a thong out of your butt all night? And forget about going underwear-less unless you want to have your very own Britney Spears getting out of the car moment. Go for shapewear.


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