Facial Yoga: What It Is and Why You Should Do It

Did you know your face has approximately 43 different muscles? Sometimes we forget that all those expressions and moving parts on our faces are made possible by muscles -muscles that need conditioning and working out -just like our bodies! So why do many people turn to plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures instead of working out the muscles on their faces? Well, probably because most people aren’t aware of facial exercises (also known as facial yoga)! Facial exercises are an excellent way of keeping your face healthy and toned. By targeting a few key muscles in your face you can decreases eye puffiness, facial sagging, and improve overall tone.

Like your body, exercising your face takes dedication and persistence. No, the results are not as dramatic or instant as plastic surgery and you will certainly not see a difference over night, but over time many people see a noticeable improvement. Best of all -it’s free! So why not give it a shot? You have nothing to lose.

Here are a few key facial exercises to do daily. You can easily do these while in the shower or sitting at your desk. Also, fair warning, you will look silly doing these exercises! So it’s best to do them alone -preferably NOT in front of a mirror.

Facial Yoga (click to enlarge)

These 6 simple exercises are a great start to your facial exercise regimen. Each exercise strengthens a different muscle in your face, making this an excellent overall facial workout.


photo credit: Now magazine

Advanced Facial Exercises

These exercises are a bit more time consuming and intensive. If you’re super dedicated and want to go “all-in” try these videos for a serious facial workout!



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