Expert Tips: 5 Simple, Affordable Ways To Liven Up Your Home

Our living spaces are one of the most important factors of our well-being. A clean, fresh, lively, organized environment is uplifting and motivating. Think about the times you’ve been in a messy, stale room. It’s uncomfortable, right? Well, there’s a scientific reason for that! A 2011 study conducted by the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that a disorganized and cluttered living space affects our focus and productivity. The study concluded that, “Multiple stimuli present in the visual field at the same time compete for neural representation by mutually suppressing their evoked activity throughout visual cortex, providing a neural correlate for the limited processing capacity of the visual system.” In other words, visual clutter also clutters our minds.

Scent also plays a factor in our environments. Think about how it smells when you walk into a day spa. Fresh, relaxing, invigorating are all terms that come to mind when we think of our experiences at wellness and beauty spas. Think about how cozy it is to wrap yourself in a freshly laundered blanket or a fresh towel from the dryer. These experiences evoke positive memories based on our sense of smell.

Playing off those invigorating, scent-inspired moments, Unstopables has created a luxurious yet affordable “scent decor” collection of home, air, and laundry products. Long-lasting candles, fabric fresheners, scented oils, air fresheners, and laundry wash boosters that are so divinely scented you’ll want every single product for every part of your home. The key to Unstopables is the proprietary technology that releases fragrance slowly over time, so your home and fabrics stay fresher, longer.

So fresh and so clean: the full collection of Unstopables.
So fresh and so clean: the full collection of Unstopables.

In partnership with Unstopables, we were able to snag some expert tips from design guru Nate Berkus and fragrance expert Carlos Huber. Here are 5 easy, affordable ways to liven up and freshen up your home!

1. Switch It Up

"For curtains, couches and rugs that can’t be washed, a few spritzes of Unstopables Fabric Refresher will add long-lasting freshness."
“For curtains, couches and rugs that can’t be washed, a few spritzes of Unstopables Fabric Refresher will add long-lasting freshness.”

If you think reviving a room takes an intensive makeover -think again! Sometimes all it takes is moving things around and re-imagining the room with existing pieces. You’d be surprised how far a rearrangement can go. So, start moving things and playing around with your existing decor and furniture. You might find quite a bit of free inspiration!

Pro Tip from Nate:

“When you get bored with your room, the easiest thing to do is switch it up! Consider moving your sofa to another wall, bring in a side table from another room, swap out your throw pillows. You can totally refresh a room without spending a cent. For curtains, couches and rugs that can’t be washed, a few spritzes of Unstopables Fabric Refresher will add long-lasting freshness.”

2. Add Simple Touches

Add style and a touch of luxe to any room with small additions like flowers and Unstopables scented candles.
Add style and a touch of luxe to any room with small additions like flowers and  candles.

A vase of silk flowers, a candle, a few new throw pillows, or a new center piece can help liven up a room. Believe it or not, sometimes keeping it simple and thinking small is the best way to go!

Pro Tip From Nate:

“Everyone deserves to live beautifully. By adding small, thoughtful touches you can transform any room into a haven. Simple things like crisp white sheets on the bed, a small vase with flowers, and water on your nightstand, you can make a bedroom feel luxe.”


3.Scent Accordingly

Fragrance can immediately bring a room to life. The light flicker from a candle or the soothing scent of a fragrance oil can impart a relaxing vibe to any environment. If you want to transform a room almost immediately, light a scented candle! You’ll also find that keeping your furniture, bedsheets, and clothing drawers fresh and scented adds a luxe, refreshing vibe to your daily routine. Add sachets under your pillow, in between your couch cushions, and in your drawers for a quick way to keep your entire home fresh. Tip: Unstopables wash booster is a perfect affordable way to refill or create DIY sachets.

Unstopables wash booster makes the perfect sachet filler!
Unstopables wash booster makes the perfect sachet filler!

Pro Tip from Carlos:

“When selecting the details that will create the atmosphere of a beautiful room, it’s very important to consider how scents will contribute. Whether you go with floral and fruity or light and fresh, the scents you choose can give your home a special, unique and luxurious feeling. Unstopables collection of ultra, long-lasting, home and fabric fragrances lets you style with three decadent scents – Fresh, Lush and Shimmer. Being a lover of both lavender and vanilla, Lush is my personal favorite!”


4. Upcycle

Revive and renew old pieces or items in your attic that you have written off as “junk.” Old suitcases, wood, mirror, frames, and more, can be transformed into cool decor items. Simply search “upcycle” on Pinterest or Google and you’ll find yourself inundated with cool ideas. Plus, it’s great for the environment!

Pro Tip From Nate:

“When I decorate, I am always reaching for reclaimed materials, antiques and vintage pieces. Things that feel worn and interesting. In my own home, I have a reclaimed farm table cut in half and mounted to the wall as a console in my living room. It’s about unexpected touches that feel luxe. That’s why I’m a believer in Scent Décor – it’s one of the most elegant, and easiest, ways to up the ante in any space. It’s a lot of impact for not a lot of money.”

5. Add A Bold Piece

As we’ve said before, it doesn’t take an entire room rehaul to liven things up. One bold statement factor can add instant pizazz. Try an accent wall, a new rug, or a new piece of artwork. Sometimes one piece can change the entire room!

Pro Tip From Nate:

“Your space needs to be as bold as you are. It should represent who you are and what you love. For the living room, try a bold paint color or a textured rug to add character—an end table lacquered in black or a chevron throw for the sofa will all make a space feel designed to.”

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



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