Everything You Need To Know BEFORE Getting a Keratin Treatment

If you have curly, wavy, and frizz-prone hair, you know how laborious and time consuming styling can be. Especially during hot, humid months. We love texture and wave, but when it becomes too much work, a keratin treatment is in order.

In short, keratin treatments work by breaking the bond in the hair and refilling and reforming it with protein and a flat iron. The result is less frizz and in many cases less curl (depending on which treatment you get). Keratin treatments are amazing because they help control hair and cut down styling and drying time for up to 3 months (or longer), making your “get ready” routine much quicker. They also make your hair unbelievably soft and healthy looking!

We see keratin treatments less as a matter of vanity and more as a time-saving hack. This means less time fussing with your hair and more time doing what you really want to do. So enjoy your beautiful natural wave and texture, just make it easier to manage. Here are some tips to follow before getting a keratin treatment.

Go To a Pro

The results of a keratin treatment largely depend on the experience of the person doing your hair. While some women DIY their treatments, we recommend going to a pro for best results. Not only is the process extremely laborious but done incorrectly you can damage your hair or not get the desired results, so don’t skimp on going to an experienced technician. We personally recommend The Salon Project and have had great results with their keratin treatments. They use top of the products and have stylists with extensive experience. It’s worth the investment to get the job done right! Book an appointment here.

Formaldehyde Risks

First, let’s address the formaldehyde risks, which are a real concern with some brands. The original Brazilian Blowout and many other Brazilian keratin brands do tend to have more formaldehyde in them. However, how much is released and a health concern is up for debate. We’re not chemists or experts on formaldehyde risks, so be sure to do your research on a brand before getting a treatment. Which brings us to…

Ask Which Brand They Use

Not all keratin treatments are the same. Call ahead of time and ask which brand of keratin the salon uses. Keratin treatments vary widely in their effectiveness. Some simply remove frizz and leave curl. Others can remove curl all together. So be sure to know what type of treatment a salon is using so you can determine which results you want.

Color BEFORE Treatment

Always color before getting a keratin treatment. Coloring after will strip the treatment from your hair lessening the effectiveness or removing it all together.

Only Use Gentle Sulfate-Free Products

Brazilian Blowout Acai Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner, $36

After your treatment it’s extremely important to only use sulfate-free products on your hair. Harsh shampoos and conditioners will strip the keratin treatment quicker, so do not skimp out on investing in quality, sulfate-free hair care. Brazilian Blowout makes shampoo, conditioner and hair masks specifically for keratin treatments and we highly recommend these products -they are more than worth the investment and will keep your treatment effective much longer.

Always Do Your Research

Last but not least, always do your research ahead of time on any keratin treatment you’re interested in trying. There is so much variation in the quality and effectiveness, it can be a very hit or miss process. Do you want to keep all your curl and just reduce frizz? Or do you want to remove curl all together? Consult your stylist ahead of time and make sure you know what kind of results each product will give. Keratin treatments are also expensive (easily around $200+ per treatment), so researching ahead of time can save you a lot of time and money.



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    Thanks for sharing this useful information on keratin hair treatment. I have also done this treatment to my hair. It is very much effective. My hair now looks shiny and smooth.

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