Editors’ Picks: 10 Awesome Etsy Shops You Need To Follow

Etsy is like a rabbit hole of adorableness. Once you start clicking, you can’t stop. There are so many incredible, unique stores for jewelry, vintage items, home decor, clothing, and more! If you love one-of-a-kind, limited edition, handmade items, you need to shop on Etsy. Since hitting the internet in 2005 and gaining mainstream traction in 2010, the exclusively handmade and vintage only site has gotten better each year. With more and more artists and craft makers opening stores, there’s a plethora of adorable, original items to shop. Here are 10 of our favorite Etsy stores that you really need to follow -ASAP!

Snug Studio

Snug Studio offers a variety of super chic handmade items including kitchen utensils, paper goods, calendars, jewelry, and home decor. Most items have a contemporary, minimalist style -perfect for those who love an understated, clean look.


Herringbone Hearts

Herringbone Hearts offers a mix of curated vintage jewelry and handmade paper goods and personalized stationary. We love the soft, dreamy feel of her gorgeous paper products!


EE Art Studio

EE Art Studio offers French vintage-inspired prints of iconic items like Chanel and Dior fragrance bottles. Their prints are not only super cute, but also affordable. You can get a set of 4 prints for as low as $25! A perfect way to decorate on a budget.


Soak Studio

Soak Studio is another one of our fave Etsy shops. They offer handmade kitchen items like customized cutting boards and utensils -perfect for weddings and gift giving! They also have a large selection of chic, kitschy prints and wall decor.


Yvonne Ellen

If you’re in the market for the cutest china that has ever existed, shop Yvonne Ellen. Her unique, adorable handmade china will liven up any dinner table. All of her designs are handcrafted from upcycled china and made to order -so all the pieces are one of a kind!


Plant and Color

Who doesn’t love jungle-themed planters? Plant and Color offers the cutest ways to cultivate your beloved plants. From lions and zebras to dinosaurs to hanging sea urchins, these fun planters put the average pot to shame!


Pretty French Things

You had us at pretty and french. Pretty French Things offers paper goods such as pens, stationary, magnets and more with a quintessential shabby French chic twist. Never heard of wooden clothespin magnets decorated with paper flowers made from vintage pages of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets? Now you have!


Cush Design Studio

If you love steampunk with a post-modern twist, you’ll love Cush Design Studio. They offer a small -albeit awesome- collection of home wall decor, tables, desks, and shelving units. Just put it this way, their ‘balance’ shelf is the coolest way to store books ever!


The Wishi Washi Shop

If you love adorable paper goods such as paper clips, post it notes, stickers, weeklies, notecards etc. The Wish Washi Shop offers super cute handcut paper products that will make you smile.



Violet Tinder

If you could put fun and fab on paper it would be Violet Tinder. This fantastic, handmade stationary is created from original artwork using paint, canvas, acrylic, paper, stickers, ribbon,  and watercolor. We want every single item in this store!




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