Echo Look Is Your New Favorite Photographer & Stylist

Ladies (and gentlemen), you can give your significant other a break now! Amazon has just rolled out their latest Alexa device, Echo Look, that is focused on personal style and snapping all your best angles. That’s right. Echo Look does everything a regular Echo does such as set alarms, play music, turn on devices etc. in addition to becoming your own personal stylist and photographer.

Echo Look | Hands-Free Camera and Style Assistant with Alexa, $199.99

Not only will it snap 360 degree photos of your outfits, it will also give you an opinion a.k.a “Style Check” and let you know if your ensemble is Instagram-worthy. “Style Check” uses AI based algorithms with inputs from real fashion stylists to give you a pro opinion, so you’ll never leave the house in a bad outfit ever again.

As with all Echo devices, simply give a voice command and Echo Look will take full length photos and 6 second videos of your daily outfits. It also includes built in LED lighting, depth sensing, and background blur to keep the focus on you and give your shots a professional portrait look.

Once you’re done with your photo shoot, open up the Echo Look app to view, edit, and save all your favorite shots. You can then organize the photos into collections and share with friends. Genius. Echo Look starts at $199 and can be purchased at

Hey, it’s 2018, y’all; get your fashion advice from a robot.




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  1. Amazing! I have been using intelistyle so far for styling advice, but I want to give this a shot!

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