Eat Healthier and Give Back with foodtweeks™

Giving back and eating healthier has never been so simple and satisfying! foodtweeks™ is a free mobile app that helps you eat healthier by “tweeking” your calories  while simultaneously feeding the hungry.  For every calorie you trim from your meals, foodtweeks™ makes a donation to a local food bank to help feed a hungry family or child. Basically you give up unnecessary calories, eat healthier, manage your weight, and feed the hungry in one handy app!

Here’s how it works: search for your food item on the app and foodtweeks™ will show you several ways you can easily remove calories from that food immediately — without sacrificing satisfaction or taste! foodtweeks™ makes it easy to identify unnecessary calories in everything you eat. Whether you’re making a recipe at home or ordering from a restaurant, the app will help you make healthier decisions and trim calories. Sharing your “tweeks” also pays off! Every time you share a tweek with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, foodtweeks™ will double or triple a donation. Pretty cool, right?

foodtweeks™ has two missions: to help people eat healthier more sustainably and to help fighter hunger in the U.S. With the arrival of the holidays and cold weather, nutritious, hot meals are especially important. foodtweeks™ brings awareness to hunger in America and helps individuals get involved in a simple, effective way. It costs nothing to you as the user and means everything to the hungry people it helps feed.  So, download foodtweeks™ today to eat healthier and help solve hunger in America in one fell swoop!

Disclosure: This post was brought you by foodtweeks™. However, all opinions and reviews are our own. Style Fox is dedicated to transparency and only promoting products we truly love.



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