Easy Hacks For Common Summer Beauty Problems

There’s nothing more perfect than summer weather – but there are times when the heat definitely messes with our day-to-day beauty routine.  Instead of caving to the weather, here are some easy hacks to the summer problems you’ll come across. 

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Yes, we know the best advice we can offer for sunburns is to wear sunscreen so you don’t get them in the first place, but sometimes they happen anyway.  When you can, plan ahead by freezing aloe in an ice cube tray.  The next time your skin is irritated, pop a cube or two from the tray and slide it on your skin for some instant, soothing relief.  Also – take some aspirin to reduce swelling and redness.

Peeling Skin

Don’t peel your skin! Instead, massage the area with a DIY lemon scrub (made with sugar, lemon juice, olive oil, and honey) and rinse it off with cold water.  It will help eliminate any dead cells in the area and will reduce peeling in the sunburned area.

Bad Tan Lines

They’ll take time to fade away, but hiding any weird tan lines is a snap with some moisturizer, a self-tanner or bronzer such as Benefit Zero Tanlines, and a sponge.  Apply moisturizer along your tan lines and, after applying self-tanner to the makeup sponge, blend the self-tanner into your tan lines.

Self-Tanner Mistakes

Even the self-tanning pros make an occasional mistake, but you don’t need to wait until it fades away!  Mix baking soda and water together for a DIY tan removal scrub and apply with a loofah.  If you’ve stained your hands during the process, combine some toothpaste and nail polish removal to remove all evidence of your faux tan.

Frizzy Hair

You know that feeling when your perfect blowout blows up as soon as you step outside?  Beat the frizz by spritzing your hair with a homemade mixture of coconut and avocado oils – put three tablespoons of each in a mini spray bottle, shake, and spray!  

Bleeding Lipstick

There are several options for waterproof and sweatproof makeup nowadays, but you can also use your current cosmetics to keep your look flawless.  To stop lipstick from bleeding, use a lipstick brush to outline the edges of your lips with concealer, set with translucent powder, then apply your lipstick.  This will keep your lipstick from bleeding on those hot summer days. 

Cracked Heels

Sandy beaches and boardwalks are a great way to spend summer, but we don’t love the cracked heels that come along with them.  Before bed, soak your feet in warm water and Epsom salt, then use a pumice stone to scrub the dead skin off your feet. Next, apply a thick layer of coconut oil or Vaseline to your feet and put on a pair of socks. By morning, your feet will look (and feel) brand new!




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