9 Simple Ways To Boost Your Mood

We all get moody and grumpy now and then. Fatigue, stress, poor sleep, and hormone fluctuations are just a few of the reasons we can sometimes “wake up on the wrong side of the bed.” But why waste a day in a funk? Here are 9 ways to snap out of a bad mood -fast!


You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again and again -exercise is a great mood booster! Just 20 minutes of cardio can get you back in happy form. So next time you’re grumpy, hit the gym for 20 minutes for an instant mood boost.


Some days are so trying that it can be easy to focus on the negative and forget about all the great things in your life. Take a moment to reflect on everything you appreciate. Whether it’s having eyesight, all four limbs, a great family, a supportive significant other or something as simple as your morning cup of coffee. There is so much all around you to appreciate.


“Hangry” or what we like to refer to as “grumpy hungry” can be a sneaky culprit for a bad mood. We are the most guilty when it comes to working/running errands all day and forgetting to eat -leading to an explosion of hangry! Don’t let this happen to you. If you know you’re going to have a busy day and little time to eat, be sure to have a few healthy snacks on hand such as raw nuts and fruit. Whatever you do, don’t starve yourself all day and let your blood sugar drop -that is a recipe for a bad mood disaster!

Get Out

Sometimes when you’re in a bad mood, getting out and socializing is the last thing on your mind. However, interaction with friends and other people is one of the best ways to forget your woes. Even if you’re not in the mood to hang out with other people, take a stroll outside on your own, go to the library or your favorite coffee shop. Whatever you do, don’t wallow in your bed alone! Well, unless you’re going to watch some stand up comedy. Which brings us to…

Watch Standup Comedy

Laughter truly is the best medicine. It produces serotonin a.k.a the “happy hormone”  which instantly boosts your mood. Pull up a Youtube video of your favorite comedian and laugh your way to a happier mood. Rinse and repeat as long as necessary.


Nutrition plays a big part in our moods. If you’re low on iron, vitamin B-12, magnesium, or vitamin D, you will be more prone to low energy, bad moods, and depression. If you find your moods are low consistently, you may want to check with your doctor to see if you have a vitamin deficiency. Additionally, your bad mood could be related to hormones and it’s worth checking with your doctor and trying a natural supplement like Wild Yam, Black C0hosh or DIM to help balance your hormones.

Coffee or Tea

Coffee and tea are both natural mood boosters. In fact, women who drink coffee have a 20% less chance of depression. Green tea and coffee are also exceptionally high in antioxidants -not only great for giving the brain a natural boost but for flushing toxins from the body leading to overall better health. Go ahead -drink up!

Take a Nap

It’s very possible you’re just sleep deprived. If you can, take a 15 minute power nap. Even a small amount of rest will help boost your mood and make you feel refreshed. Sometimes all it takes is a little sleep to get you back in form!

Be Kind to Yourself

EVERYONE has bad days and gets grumpy now and then -never beat yourself up for it! Be conscious that you’re not in the greatest mood and be gentle with yourself. Know that no matter how grumpy you might feel right now, it will pass, and tomorrow is a new day!



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