DIY Recipes and Tips For Staying Clean & Going Green

In case you didn’t know, numerous germs are lurking on just about every surface. Handrails, gyms, door knobs, public transportation, and even that beer nut mix sitting on the bar are prone to bacteria and virus infestation. It could drive a germaphobe mad thinking about how many pathogens we’re surrounded by. However, germs, as gross as they are, serve a purpose. In fact, germs help us build up our immune systems so that we don’t get sick every time we come in contact with them. That’s not to say you should go around licking door knobs, rather, we’re just trying to not freak you out too much. Obviously, washing your hands frequently and practicing proper hygiene is essential to staying healthy.

Areas that are especially prone to viruses and bacteria are gyms. In fact, it’s downright terrifying how crawling with germs your yoga mat and gym equipment can be.  Thankfully, our friends at PartSelect, put together this amazing infographic that not only includes some serious info about where germs are lurking, but is loaded with DIY cleaning recipes made with natural ingredients like essential oils, grapefruit peels, vinegar, and even vodka!

In honor of Earth Day, it’s the perfect time to make some environmentally friendly cleaning products while knocking out those nasty germs. Enjoy!




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