DIY Holiday Hair 101: Tips, Tricks & Trends

So you have your sparkling dress picked out and the perfect pair of stilettos, but what about your hair? Hairstyling can be challenging for many  -even those of us who consider ourselves beauty pros. As far as we’re concerned DIY hair is much more difficult than DIY makeup! Creating volume, curling, up-doing and actually getting your style to stay in place is a true beauty feat, but with the right products and a few tips and tricks, you can get a lasting style without visiting the salon.

Glamorous & Full


Getting va-va voom full hair is easier than you think. First, you need to start with the right volumizing products and then you need either a set of  hot rollers, a curling iron or time for a “wet set.” We’ll explain each of these volumizing techniques.

For starters you’ll want to wash with bodifying cleansing products like Fat Hair’s Advanced Repair Formula Amplifying Shampoo and Conditioner. Towel dry hair and spray your hair with a volumizing blowdry spray like Fat Hair’s Advanced Repair Amplifying Blow Dry Spray and brush through.

For a Curling Iron & Roller Set


Divide your hair  into four sections as pictured. Using a round brush blowdry each section, pulling your hair upward as you dry. For extra volume once you’ve dried, remove clips and flip your head over. Once your hair is dry, section it off again as pictured. Using hot rollers like Conair’s Compact hair setter or a curling iron, roll or finger curl hair (wrapping around your index and middle finger) in two inch sections, spray with a volumizing spray like Fat Hair Advanced Repair Formula Amplifying Hairspray and secure with a clip. Allow hair to set until rollers or curls are cool or for at least 20 minutes. The longer, the better, so we recommend letting your hair set while you’re doing your makeup.

Left, a roller set. Right, a roller-free curling iron set or wet set.
Left, a roller set. Right, a roller-free curling iron set or wet set.

For a Wet Set

This technique is easier, but requires more drying time. Towel dry hair to about 20% dry. Hair should be wet, but not dripping wet. Divide hair into four sections. Using a comb to brush through 2 inch sections of hair, roll around your index and middle finger and secure with a non-crimping hair clip to avoid dents in your hair. You’ll also want to make sure that when you secure each clip your hair is smoothly brushed through on your tips to avoid “fish hooks.” Depending on your hair type, it may take an hour or more for a wet set to dry. To speed up the process, you can use your blowdryer on a low setting to gently dry.


Now that your hair is dry and set, remove all clips and gently brush out the curls. This will give you that Jessica Rabbit wave instead of Shirley Temple sausage curls. Smooth out any dents or fishhook ends with a curling iron. Using a fine tooth comb, make a deep sidepart and brush hair over to one side. If you want more volume, use a comb to backcomb your roots and spray with hairspray. Next, you’ll want to slick back one side. Comb back the section as pictured and secure with a bobby pin. Finish with a generous amount of firm hold volumizing hairspray to make your look last through the night.

Sleek & Straight



If you want to go sleek and straight for the holidays, this look is simple to achieve. This style is popular on the runways and red carpet right now and it’s actually very easy to do. Start with smoothing cleansing products like Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Shampoo and Daily Treatment. Apply a smoothing serum like Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny serum and blow dry hair as straight as possible using a flat paddle brush. If your hair is wavy or curly, use a flat iron to straighten your hair further.


You can either slick the top of your hair back completely as pictured on Rosie Whiteley on the right or you can do a middle or side part as pictured on Minka Kelly on the left. First, tease the crown of your hair to get some volume. Next, use a gel or serum to slick the front section of your hair back or if you want to do a part, slick the side of your hair and secure with bobby pins, leaving the back of your hair more voluminous as pictured above. Finish with a shine hairspray like Tigi Bed Head’s Massive Shine Hairspray and you’re all set. This is a chic, easy look that anyone can do!

Easy & Effortless

easy braid2












Not much for hair-dos that are too styled? Try an easy effortless braid or add a bit of volume and style your hair down with some texturizing product like Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Shaping Cream. It’s amazing how a little bit of product can transform your hair!


To achieve the messy, undone braid look first add a bit of texturizing product to your hair and scrunch and fluff it. Next, pull your hair to one side, allowing loose pieces to fall as they may. Braid your hair from the nape of your neck to one side and secure with an elastic. Loosen the braid and pull pieces out with the tip of a comb to get the messy look. Curl the loose pieces or use more texturizing cream to give strands some separation and spray with an extra hold hairspray. If any areas feel like they’re falling out, secure with a bobby pin.

Chic & Pulled  Back

sleek sleek2










For a chic, pulled back look try a sleek ponytail or bun. This look is super easy to do -especially if you’re in a hurry or your hair is dirty.


Tease the crown a little to create volume. Apply a shine serum and brush your hair back into a tight ponytail. You can pull hair straight back or do a middle or sidepart as pictured above. If you want a super slick ponytail, don’t tease the crown. Secure hair with an elastic band and use a one inch thick piece of hair to wrap around the base of the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin and spray for extra hold. If you want to turn the ponytail into a bun, wrap the hair around the base of the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. Finish with an extra hold hair hairspray.

photo credits: Getty Images, Patrick McMullan




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