Dirty Hair Day Hacks: From Greasy to Gorgeous in a Snap

We’ve all been there -the dirty hair day. As much as we all want perfectly coiffed locks daily,  sometimes life gets in the way. Here’s what to do on those no-wash hair days:

Dry Shampoo It

Dry shampoo is possibly the best beauty invention ever. If you missed a wash or you have naturally oily hair, dry shampoo is a life saver. Whatever style you choose, always start a dirty hair day with dry shampoo. Getting the dry shampoo technique down takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be reaching for this product often.

How-to: Spray about 2 inches from scalp ONLY on the roots. Next, using a dry clean towel or blow dryer (as if you’re drying wet hair) dry excess product from your hair. Sop up additional oil by patting and squeezing sections of hair.  Repeat if necessary.

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The Front Wash

This is one of our favorite tricks and works especially well if you have bangs. Bet you didn’t know you could selectively wash your hair, right? Oily hair is the most obvious around the face, but instead of washing your whole head, you can just wash the hair around your front hairline.

How-to: Section off the first 2 inches of the front of your hairline. Use an elastic and pull the rest of your hair back into a bun and cover with a shower cap. You can also use a cloth headband to further secure. Next, shampoo front area only over the sink. You hair will still maintain some of the oil, so it’s best to skip the conditioner on this occasion. Lastly, blow dry as usual. Use dry shampoo to clean up the rest of your hair and you’re set!


The Quick Slick

 Use that excess oil to your advantage by doing  a quick, slick ponytail or bun.

How-To: Brush hair through and shake out with a towel to get rid of any bed fuzz or dandruff. Flat iron any kinks. Next, use a hair gel or firm hold hair spray to slick hair back. Use an elastic to make a ponytail and take a small section of hair to wrap around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin for an extra chic look.


Cover It

The  easy and obvious way is to cover it. Use a thick headband, scarf, turban, or hat to disguise your missed wash.

How-to: This one doesn’t take much effort to figure out. Get a headband, scarf, turban or hat and put it on.

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