Channeling Your Inner Olympic Athlete with Babbleboxx

Are you as excited about the 2016 Rio Olympics as we are? If you’ve been glued to your T.V. watching the world’s greatest athletes compete for gold, you’re going to love this latest Babbleboxx. Filled with wellness and fitness goodies, these products will help you channel your inner Olympian. In this Olympics inspired edition of Babbleboxx, we got to test out an array for wellness goodies from protein powders to skincare.

Read on to discover a few goodies to add to your workout routine!

Purpletale: 5 Steps to Lovely Skin

IMG_9169Sun, environmental toxins, makeup buildup and impurities can leave your skin dull and uneven -especially when you’re traveling and on-to-go. This is why we love Purpletale: 5 Steps to Lovely Skin. This handy all-in-one pack includes a portable five-step facial treatment kit comes with foam cleanser,  ampoule, bio-cellulous sheet mask, facial cream, and neck cream in one little packet that is perfect for the gym, traveling, or any time on the go. This awesome, convenient facial kit leaves your skin soft, clean, and radiant. Instead of having to pack multiple products, just pop this packet in your bag and you’re good to go.

Want to try your own facial kit? Shop PurpleTale here. You can also follow Purpletale on Facebook and Instagram.

Casio Baby-G Watch


IMG_9170USA! USA! Get patriotic this summer with the Casio Baby-G BA-110TR-7A Watch. Waterproof, shock resistance with a world clock,  stop watch, and multiple countdown timers, this Olympics inspired red, white, and blue watch is the perfect outdoor companion for competing and playing all your favorite sports this summer.

This watch is available at select Macy’s for $130. Visit for more information and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see more styles

Vitamin Shoppe®: TRUE ATHLETE®


Gone are the days of chalky, hard-to-drink protein supplements. Vitamin Shopppe TRUE ATHLETE is the next generation of advanced sports nutrition. These great tasting supplements will help build lean muscle without banned substances or artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners. TRUE ATHLETE contains ZMA with Theanine to not just build muscle but to help combat soreness, workout induced stress and promote muscle recovery.

Their Energized Training Formula contains creatine, arginine and beta-alanine along with caffeine and AstraGin™ -a trademarked ingredient created from ginseng and astragalus. This  proprietary ingredient helps absorb amino acids, glucose, vitamins and other nutrients. If you want to keep it basic, TRUE ATHLETE also offers Natural Whey Protein in strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Each convenient packet contains 20 grams of naturally flavored whey protein, free of artificial colors or sweeteners. This great tasting protein also contains probiotics for digestive health as well as enzymes for protein digestion.

You can shop Vitamin Shoppe TRUE ATHELTE here and follow them on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook

JUST® Water

IMG_9167Sure, it’s just water, but the difference is the purity and environmentally friendly packaging. We all know plastic water bottles are not good for our environment and JUST water is doing their part to mitigate the use of plastic water bottles. JUST water is 100% spring water sourced from Glen Falls in Upstate New York, packaged in a paper-based bottle made of 83% of renewable resources and sugarcane based plastic. This innovative, environmentally friendly packaging results in a whopping 74% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional plastic water bottles. Through an ethical trade revenue partnership with the city of Glen Falls, JUST water helps revitalize the local community by paying six times the municipal rate for access to less than 3% of its excess water.

JUST® water is currently available in the U.S. for just $0.99 for a 16.9-ounce bottle. They deliberating price the product low to ensure that JUST water is affordable for everyone. So, it’s time to skip the plastic and go for JUST water. Learn more about JUST water at and keep up with them on Snapchat @justisbetter, Facebook, and Twitter.

2XU Mid-Rise 7/8 Compression Tights

IMG_9171If you’re not working out in compression tights, you’re not maximizing your fitness. 2XU Mid-Rise 7/8 Compression Tights are engineered to maximize blood flow, induce a faster pre-exercise warm up, and reduce fatigue and soreness. They come with a comfort wide waistband for a sleek, streamlined fit, and let’s just say they make your butt and legs look AMAZING. So, get more out of your workout and snag up some 2XU compression tights at and get 20% off with our discount code: 2XU20. Follow 2XU on Facebook and Instagram.


This post was sponsored by Babbleboxx on behalf of Single Edition Media. All opinions are our own.

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    Quite an interesting haul you have there with BabbleBox. Definitely a lot of useful products there and may give them a looksee and find out what they they have in store.

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