Cadillac Launches CT6 with Raphael Saadiq, The Man Repeller and more

Tuesday night we had the pleasure of joining Cadillac in Brooklyn for the launch of the CT6, their brand new luxury sedan set to compete with BMW’s 5 and 6 series and the Mercedes E-class.  As you can imagine, the CT6 was as luxurious as they come, with a top notch party to match. Set in the gorgeous and massive Duggal Greenhouse event space in Brooklyn, the incomparable party included top shelf cocktails abound, and enough raw bar, caviar sauce, duck confit pot pies, oysters on the half shell, lobster tails (amongst other delicacies) to feed a small army.


In addition to the 5-star eats, Raphael Saadiq put on an incredible show, keeping guests (which included The Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine and Nick Wooster) entertained and swaying to the music as they inhaled their lobster tails. At one point, my friend said, “If you want to embarrass yourself, that buffet over there will do it.” Not that people were climbing over each to get to the food, but the feeding frenzy was in full effect.

We’ve been to quite a few parties in our day and we have to say, this was one of the most beautiful events we’ve ever been to. Of course, a car as gorgeous as the CT6 would need a decadent party to match, so it’s no surprise that Cadillac went all out. At the end of the night, our crew simply exclaimed, “That was one of the best parties we’ve ever been to.”

Well done, Cadillac, well done!


The Cadillac CT6 will be available in 2016 and starts at $65,000. Some of its incredible advanced features include a 360 degree camera that has night vision and reduces blind spots, wireless phone charging with a Wifi-hotspot, automatic braking to avoid collisions, and our favorite, massaging seats. For more specifications and information, go here.

Cadillac 2016 CT6



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