Beauty in a Flash: Tips for Looking Great in 10 Minutes or Less

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We’ve all been there. Woke up too late, stayed up too late or just miscalculated time and are running late. Either way, it always seems like time is not on our side! So what’s a girl to do? You could seek out a time management 101 course OR you can just use these tips below. We’re not sure about you, but we’re more inclined to the latter!

Step 1: Wake up/freshen up with splashes of cold water

This works great in the morning, noon and night. Cold water instantly circulates and tightens up the skin and depuffs the face. So whether you battle morning puffiness or your face is just blah from sitting in the office all day, cold water will brighten it up instantly.

Step 2: A great eye cream

Our eyes are the first to show signs of fatigue so you’ll want to have a tightening and depuffing eye gel/cream on hand to freshen up your face quickly.

Step 3: BB Cream

BB Cream is the quickest way to cover flaws and even skintone instantly. You can even use it under the eyes! Go to your local Sephora or Ulta to find a BB Cream that’s right for you. It can save you tons of time.

Step 4: All Over Tints

Multi-use tints such as Benefit’s ‘Benetint’ and ‘Posey’ can be used on the cheeks and lips for instant long-lasting color.

Step 5: Eyelash curler + waterproof mascara

Curl your eyelashes and use a couple coats of waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara goes on thicker and it holds curl better so you won’t need to take more time to apply it to achieve definition and thickness. Our favorite is Covergirl’s Lash Blast.

Step 6: A pop of extra color

If you want more color, there’s no better way than to use a gorgeous shade of coral lipstick. This is perhaps one of the greatest ways to “look done” without doing much at all.

Bonus: If you want to quickly add more definition to your eyes, line the upper eyelash line with a soft kohl eyeliner and smudge. However, use only pencil eyeliner.We do not recommend attempting liquid liner in a hurry!

That’s it! As always, feel free to share your own tips below or drop us a line.



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