A Simplified Guide to Perfect Eyebrows

Camilla Belle's gorgeous eyebrows at the Andrea Bocelli Foundation Gala. Credit: Getty Images
Camilla Belle’s gorgeous eyebrows at the Andrea Bocelli Foundation Gala. Credit: Getty Images

If eyes are the windows to the soul then eyebrows are the drapery!  That’s why great brows are essential to your beauty routine. It’s amazing what a good eyebrow can do for your face! Many of us have fallen victim to overplucking, underplucking, over-filling etc., so here are some simplified tips on achieving great brows.

1. Step Away From the Tweezers

There was a time when pencil thin eyebrows were trendy –that was, um, about 90 years ago! These days au natural is best. Enjoy your plentiful eyebrows and go easy on the tweezers. If you overpluck they may never grow back! If it’s your first time shaping your brows, go to a professional. Don’t attempt waxing or tweezing yourself.

2. Shaping

browWhile everyone has a preference for the shape of their eyebrows, the most universally flattering look is the a classic arched eyebrow that begins at the inner corner of the eye, arches at the pupil, and ends at the outer corner of the eye. This is the brow we recommend regardless of face shape. (see diagram)

Use this guide when shaping and filling.

3. Products for Filling


Best for filling in areas that are missing hair and need to be filled more densely. Opt for a pencil with wax as they are longer lasting. Choose a shade lighter than your natural hair color for best results. Always set with a translucent powder and blend out any harsh edges. (see product recommendations  below)


Best for blending and shaping outer edges. Look for a palette that has multiple shades. A darker shade for filling in darker areas and a lighter color for blending outer edges and lighter areas.


Best for already dense brows that need control and setting. If you’re blessed with full brows, use a gel to keep them in place.

4. Care & Maintenance

If you’ve overplucked or have sparse brows there are several products that will help thicken your eyebrows. Most products you can use on both your lashes and brows. One DIY product we love is Castor Oil. It’s often found in hair growth products, but you can also buy it pure at your local drugstore. It’s a bit greasy but natural and cheap. If you’re looking for something more convenient to apply try Talika (featured below) or Ardell Lash & Brow Serum.

Recommended Products

Talika Eyelash & Brow Growth Kit

Anastasia Perfect Brow Kit

Urban Decay Brow Box Kit

Anastasia Brow Wiz

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