A Must-Try ‘It’ Product: Korean Beauty Inspired Acne Patches

We’ve been on the forefront of Korean beauty for a couple years now and one of the most intriguing products that have remained mostly under the radar in the American market is the acne patch. A few different brands have developed acne patches that somehow suck the gunk right out of pimples and shrink them overnight.

Now, you may have heard of acne patches before, but there are multiple types of acne patches. The ones most heavily marketed in the U.S. in the past were liquid or skin-like covers that you could wear makeup over. However, these Korean-inspired patches, sometimes referred to as “pimple stickers,” are completely different. First, you don’t wear them under makeup and they are not liquid. They’re visible patches meant to be worn at home/overnight, much like a band-aid. They are also, for the most part, un-medicated and utilize a wicking sponge-like absorbing technology to literally suck the excess oil and bacteria out of pimples.

So, what makes these patches so special? They use a breathable form of hydrocolloid dressing, most often used to treat open wounds. Hydrocolloid is coated with gelatin, pectin, and carboxy-methylcellulose. When these three ingredients come in contact with moisture, they absorb and form a gel barrier, which acts like a sponge to absorb the oil and bacteria right out of pimples and wick it away from the skin.

Best of all, they’re medicine-free and won’t dry out your skin. Korean ladies have been raving about these pimple-busting patches for years, so it’s a wonder that they’re mostly undiscovered in the American market. All we know is thanks to these amazing little patches, big raging pimples are now becoming a thing of the past! They’re are also very affordable, but can be a little hard to find in stores. Luckily, you can get a pack of 40  patches for $12.

How To Use

Using an acne patch is very easy, but you do need to know what type of pimple you’re dealing with. If you have a pimple with a visible whitehead, you’ll want to gently extract it before applying the patch. (Check out our guide on pimple extraction beforehand.) If your pimple is deep, cystic, and under the skin, do not attempt to extract it on your own. Apply the patch to see if it helps reduce the pimple overnight. If a pimple is persistent, you may want to get it professionally extracted. Either way, the acne patch is an affordable, effective product that anyone who suffers from acne should try!

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