4 Easy Ways To Solve a Bad Hair Day

You know those days where your hair is just not happening? Whether it’s frizzy, limp, oily/dirty or you simply woke up late and didn’t have time to do it, we have a solution for taking your hair from blah to ta-da in a snap!

Proper Products

First and foremost, you’re going to need proper products. Always have a dry shampoo, and a texturizing product on hand such as mousse, gel, pomade, paste and/or hairspray. When a bad hair day hits you, you’ll need to be prepared.

Problem 1: Frizz

Solution: Braids

Braids are the best solution for curly/frizzy hair. No matter how out of control or frizzy your hair is, a fun braid will always do the trick! In fact, when it comes to braids, frizz may add to the bohemian look. We love the grecian, hairline braids the best. They’re quick, stylish and easy-to-do; what more could you ask for?

What You Need: A texturizing product such as pomade, mousse or paste, hair elastics, and brush/comb for teasing

Work the product from about 5 inches from the crown to create texture and volume. Try to avoid the crown to maintain volume. Tease  hair from root to tip and twist hair in 2 inch sections to create shape.

Looks to Try:

Messy Side Braid, Grecian Hairline Braid, Hair Down with Face Framing Braids


Problem 2: Oily/Dirty Hair

Solution: Slick Ponytail

Sometimes that extra 15 minutes of sleep can really cost us in the hair department! If you have naturally oily hair or you just didn’t have time to shampoo, a slick ponytail is your best bet.

What You’ll Need: brush, gel or hairspray, elastic, face powder. Optional: dry shampoo, bobby pins

If you hair is extra oily, use a dry shampoo or powder to sop up excess oil. Tease the crown a little to create volume. If you want a super slick ponytail, don’t tease. If you have bangs, utilize bobby pins to pull them back, greasy bangs are not an option! After completing your look, take a translucent face powder and go along your hairline to soak up residual shine for a cleaner look.

Looks to Try:

Classic Slicked, Sidepart, Messy Low Ponytail with a Twist


Problem 3: Wet Hair

Solution: Slick Bun

So you managed to shampoo but didn’t have time to dry your hair. Instead of looking late, look chic by pulling your hair into a slick bun while you wait for it to dry. The bonus is that once you untwist it, you’ll be left with soft, frizz-free waves!

What You’ll Need: A texturizing product such as pomade, mousse or paste, hair elastic, bobby pins

Work a generous amount of product from root to ends and comb through. Part either in the middle or to one side, secure with elastic. Twist hair around elastic and secure with bobby pins. For extra wave, try a bun braid.

Looks to try:

Side Part Bun, Middle Part Bun with Loose Ends, High Bun with Braid


Problem 4: Everything

Solution: Headbands, turbans, clips, beanies

We love hair accessories because they’re not only decorative, but they can solve almost any  hair dilemma in no time flat! Whether your hair is oily, wet, frizzy or otherwise, a cute hair accessory can add instant chic. As the old saying goes: “If you can’t beat bad hair, cover it.”

What You’ll Need: A steady assortment of hair accessories

Looks to Try:

Studded Ponytail Holder, Skinny Headband, Embellished Clips and HeadbandsHalf Turban Headband, Full Turban, Headscarf






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