A Gift Guide For (Almost) Every Type Of Person In Your Life


Are you still scrambling to find gifts for your loved ones? What about the ultra-picky types that are impossible to shop for? Yes, we feel your pain. Thanks to Yahoo! Style, we’ve found a plethora of ideas for just about every type of person in your life: the book nerd, the dog lover, the neat freak, the foodie, the workout queen, and even the manscaper! Yes, there is an entire guide dedicated to “manscaping,” also known as male grooming. Whether you need a gift for your obsessive compulsive clean-freak, your 24/7 workout bff, or your favorite beautiholic, Yahoo! Style has nearly two dozen specialized, cheeky gift guides for  inspiration. Here are a few of our favorites!

The Workout Queen

You know that friend who makes you feel guilty for going to the gym only 3 times a week because they are literally there everyday? We love our gymaholic friends for motivating us to get up and get moving. This Gym Buffs gift guide will give you plenty of ideas for your super fit friend or loved one. We adore these sweet Nike kicks. At $90 they’re fashionable and affordable!



 The Man in Your Life

For being supposedly more simple than women when it comes to fashion and grooming, men can be notoriously tough to shop for! Gifting clothing can be especially tough, so sticking to male grooming is always safer. Men tend to like gifts they actually use on a regular basis. In other words, keep it practical. The Grooming Splurges For Your Guy gift guide offers several great products to keep your guys skin and hygiene on point. From fragrance to shaving essentials and cleaning tools, you’re sure to find the perfect grooming gift for any man in your life!





The Neat Freak

Everyone has at least one loveable obsessive compulsive person in their life. Our OCD friends are the one’s who keep us in order when we’d otherwise make a huge mess. (Really, you didn’t even realize that bowl of dried Mac ‘n Cheese had been sitting in the sink for a week.) Thank your anal retentive loved ones this holiday season with one these fab, orderly gifts from The Best Cleaning Items For Your OCD Friends gift guide. Because you know every OCD person takes serious issue with an improperly stored tube of toothpaste!





The Dog Lover

Yep, we fall in this realm of fanatics. Because dogs are the best creatures to ever grace the planet and our chock-full-‘o-pugs Instagram feed proves it. (I am literally writing this as our family pug gets a blow out.) Give the dog lover in your life the perfect gift to spoil their pooch. The Holiday Gifts for Four-Legged Friends gift guide is full of great ideas for our canine besties. You know every pup deserves a stylish, gingham dog bowl or a customized Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater!




The Beautiholic

You know this gal. She can spend an entire day in Sephora and not even bat (a perfectly groomed) eyelash. She knows all the latest beauty brands and trends and her bathroom looks like a cosmetic department store. Beauty products and having great skin is like a sport to her. She is the Beautiholic and she will cry waterproof tears of happiness when you give her one of these coveted beauty products from the Glowing Skin Gift Guide. From fragrance to skin tools to luxurious body creams, you’re sure to find the perfect surprise for the beauty maven in your life.




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