9 Efficient Beauty Travel Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Vacation season is officially upon us, and whether you are traveling across the ocean or going on a weekend getaway, your makeup bag needs to be ready for an adventure. With all of the products overflowing from your medicine cabinet, it can be hard to decide what you need to take and what to leave behind. Here are a few helpful tips on how to efficiently pack your cosmetics for travel, so you can enjoy your vacation without all the excess bulk!

Only Bring What You Need

The only thing more stressful than packing for vacation is getting to the hotel and realizing you brought way too much. While it would be nice to bring all of your favorite products, limit your cosmetic bag to one of each essential item that you absolutely need, and leave luxury items at home. Just be sure to plan your looks in advance, so you don’t forget any important items.

Utilize Samples

That pile of samples you have been collecting? It is time to put them to good use. Having your makeup and skincare routine consist of mostly samples is inconvenient at home, but ideal for traveling. Make sure that you use as many samples as possible to prevent from having to take the full sized versions along with you. If you have a favorite product that you absolutely need, but takes too much space, stop by your favorite make up or department store and ask for a sample size. Stores typically give out sample beauty items like candy to increase their sales, so they should be more than happy to give a few.

Use Multi-Use Products

Dior Multi-Looks Palette, $70

These will be your best friends while you travel. Not only can you bring along fewer products, but converting your makeup from day to night or trying different looks is a breeze. Look for highlighting blushes, foundation-concealers, and cheek/lip tints to provide you with plenty of options without hogging too much space. We also recommend getting an all-in-one beauty palette that contains multiple items. These handy palettes make travel so much easier! Dior Multi Looks Palette Face – Eye – Lips, $70

Harness The Power Of The Lippy

By planning your looks in advance, you can get a feel for what types of products you’ll need. One thing to keep in mind is that a lip color dramatically changes a look, so you may want to throw a few extra lip colors in your bag as opposed to multiple eye shadow palates. Changing your lip color can turn a fresh spring look into a bombshell night look without any added fuss.

Keep Travel Guidelines in Mind

If you are planning on traveling by boat, plane, or train, be mindful of any cosmetic guidelines. Certain sizes and products may not be allowed to board with you and should be stored in your luggage. That way, you don’t have to throw away your prized possessions as bag check. Traveling light? Guidelines are particularly important if you plan on only traveling with a carry on bag.  If you bring an item over 4 oz., they will make you toss it, so be sure to stay within the size restrictions to avoid losing your products.

Seal Up Potential Mess-Makers

Anything with a snap top that can open, a screw top, or in an aerosol can explode or leak depending on how you’re traveling. Play it safe by keeping leak-prone products in Ziploc bags to avoid ruining everything in your bag if an accident happens. It is easier to replace one item than it is to have a bag full of soiled products.

Check Your Products Before Packing

Make sure that you aren’t packing any empty or almost empty products with you, because you will not have any back ups to replace them with. If you are looking to finish up a product while on the road, make sure to pack a spare or travel-sized replacement for when you finish it.

Store In Your Carry-On For Mid-Flight Touch Ups

Your best bet for cosmetics is to keep them in your carry on. This makes them easier to grab if you need them on your journey. It is also less likely that anything will be roughed up or thrown about while you’re carrying it as opposed to being tossed carelessly into cargo. Also, make sure to include face wipes, mists, or anything else that will keep you comfortable and refreshed. After a long, germy ride, you’ll want to freshen up, ASAP!

Prep Your Skin For A Germ-Fest

Speaking of germs, make sure that you prep your skin before and after travel. With all of the things you’ll be touching, the last thing you want is to touch your face and transfer all of that bad stuff to your skin. Plus, you will likely be surrounded by strangers who could be the source of airborne germs and viruses. We definitely recommend carrying antibacterial wipes and washing your hands frequently while traveling! You’ll also want to make sure your face is properly moisturized pre-trip. Apply any serums or products that are a normal part of your morning routine -with maybe a little extra to make up for the moisture-sucking plane air. Post-trip, treat your skin to some mini-spa action by cleansing, exfoliating, and applying a mask, followed by a repair serum or anti-oxidant cream. This will cleanse your skin of that grimy travel feeling and leave you feeling fresh, awake, and ready to enjoy your vacation.



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