8 Tips For Improving Your Love Life This Year

Whether you’re casually dating or in a committed relationship, love can be hard! You have to balance your love life with work, friends, family, self-care, and all of life’s ups and downs. It can be easy to put your relationship(s) on the back burner while you’re prioritizing other parts of your life, but if you leave it there too long, you can wake up wondering where the years went.  Whether you want to bolster your current relationship or find a partner to spend your life with, here are a few tips for improving your love life. 

Make it a Priority

It sounds simple, but taking the time to think about what parts of your life you prioritize and which ones you need to devote more attention to is a big step. Give yourself a quiet moment to think clearly about your life, and actively make the decision that you want to improve your love life.  From there, you can start to brainstorm specific changes you can make. 

Find a Buddy

No, not that kind of “buddy.”  More like a partner-in-crime/BFF/confidant who you can share stories with.  Finding a friend who has the same goals as you provides a support system that can motivate you on your journey. (Yes, I know “journey” sounds a little cliché, but that’s what this is!) Not only can you and your buddy exchange ideas, but having a confidant can be crucial in keeping you sane.

Forgive Yourself…

Give yourself a clean start by forgiving yourself for any past mistakes you’ve made in your relationships.

…and Understand That Not Everyone Will Forgive You

That nice guy you never called back? He might not be holding a grudge, but he probably doesn’t want to hear you apologize for ghosting him.  Don’t get hung up on the people who refuse to forgive you. Accept what has happened in the past and own up to your mistakes, but then put all your focus on moving forward.

Don’t Keep Secrets

Be honest with your partner (or potential partners) and avoid keeping important information secret. It’s one thing to plan your S.O. a surprise party, but it’s another to hide the fact that you’ve dated his/her roommate.

Get Out More + Try New Things

Putting yourself in new situations will have different results, so take small steps towards trying new things throughout the New Year.  Instead of your usual Thai take-out, sit down for a meal at a restaurant. Instead of going to a movie, see a play. Though these tasks seem simple on the surface, getting out more will put you in contact with more people. Meeting potential partners is a numbers game, so the more you get out, the more you increase your chances of meeting someone special. 

Turn Off Your Phone

Even if you found your date through Tinder, ditch your phone for the actual date.  The person you’re with should have your full attention. Plus you’ll enjoy the experience less if you aren’t actually experiencing it.  If you struggle with leaving your phone alone, try leaving it at home for a night or switching it to airplane mode.

Love Yourself First

Ultimately, you have to put yourself first. If you’re giving up too much of yourself to maintain the status quo, you’re in the wrong relationship. Having self-awareness and wanting to improve is one thing, but you should never have to change the core of who you are to be with someone. The sooner you accept yourself, the better partner you’ll be and the more you’ll be able to pinpoint what makes you happy.



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Alexandra Wilson

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